Trail Maintainer | Ringwood State Park

Ringwood State Park features both wild lands and landscaped gardens. Its 50+ miles of trail encompass leisurely historic strolls, rugged back-country hikes, and exciting mountain bike adventures - truly, Ringwood State Park has something for everyone. We hope you choose to help this park by volunteering as a Trail Maintainer! 


Trail Conference volunteers are outdoor-loving people who want to make a difference. People just like you!

The majority of our 1,700+ volunteers are Trail Maintainers. Each Trail Maintainer "adopts" a section of trail to ensure the best possible experience for fellow users. Responsibilities include keeping the trail clear, making sure it's well-marked, and reporting major issues. Each Maintainer is expected to hike and care for their adopted trail at least twice a year and report their efforts back to their volunteer supervisor. .

No experience is necessary. Training is provided through our Introduction to Trail Maintenance workshops or with the experienced volunteer who serves as the Trail Supervisor in your region.

A full description of a Trail Maintainer's duties can be found here.


Provide a well-maintained trail to give the public a pleasant and safe hiking experience.

Time Commitment: 
One to several hours, depending on trail section and number of visits to trail.
Ringwood State Park

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