Trail Crew Member | Harriman State Park

Come volunteer with the Long Distance Trails Crew and give back to the historic Appalachian Trail! Crew work is minimal over winter, but submit your interest and you will be added to the crew mailing list so you never miss a trip.

With over 1700 volunteers, the New York New Jersey Trail Conference does amazing things to preserve, promote, and protect the trails, and our Trail Crews are instrumental in maintaining the integrity of trails.

Our Trail Crews restore eroding trails and create new reroutes where needed in our parks, along with building footbridges, creating stone stairs, and placing stepping stones across streams and wet patches, generally improving your hiking experience. No experience is needed, training is given on site. Be part of a team that gives back to the trails you love and enjoy creating solutions that last generations.

The only qualifications to joining the team is a sense of enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things in an unbeatable environment.

Harriman State Park

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