Trail Maintainer | Ramapo Valley County Reservation

“The Reservation,” located in Mahwah, is a popular Bergen County Park looking for Trail Maintainers.  Many visitors walk around Scarlet Oak Pond, a former gravel quarry, or climb on a wide, smooth-surface road to MacMillan Reservoir. Outside the commonly used core area, the parkland has been left in its natural - mostly hilly - wild state, forming part of the eastern tier of the Ramapo Mountains. 

Trail Conference volunteers are outdoor-loving people who want to make a difference. People just like you!

The majority of our 1,700+ volunteers are the dedicated Trail Maintainers. Each Trail Maintainer "adopts" a section of trail to ensure the best possible experience for fellow users. Responsibilities include keeping the trail clear, making sure it's well-marked, and reporting major issues. Each Maintainer is expected to hike and care for their adopted trail at least twice a year and report their efforts back to the Trail Conference.

No experience is necessary. Training is provided through our Introduction to Trail Maintenance workshops or with the experienced volunteer who serves as the Trail Supervisor in your region.

A full description of a Trail Maintainer's duties can be found here.


Provide a well-maintained trail to give the public a pleasant and safe hiking experience.

Time Commitment: 
One to several hours, depending on trail section and number of visits to trail.
Ramapo Valley County Reservation

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