Illegal Usage Problem Report


If you see illegal activity, immediately call:

In New York State Parks in our region, the Park Police at 1-845-786-2781

In New Jersey State Parks, call  I-877-WARN-DEP (1-877-927-6337)


We are gathering data on illegal mountain bike, dirt bike, and ATV usage. This information will be summarized and used to inform parks and others about the extent of the problems. Summaries may appear here in the future. Please use a separate form for each incident. We are more interested in actual counts of vehicles involved but evidence of past usage is useful also (check one of the tracks categories below). In the comments section below, we are interested in more details:

  • Please include the time as we are trying to find patterns of behavior so police can institute a sting operation. e.g. 12:30 on Saturdays
  • License numbers of ATVs
  • Comments made by offenders, e.g. I didn't notice the posting signs
  • Speed of passing, e.g. too fast, safe & sane
  • No warning or slowing down
  • Whether they were leaving visible marks on the trail, e.g. spinning wheels, sliding around corners
  • Whether they were widening the trail, e.g. went off through the vegetation to pass you
  • For bikers (if you chat with them) ask if they are members of IMBA or any club
  • We would love photographs of either offenders or any messes they have made (mail to Trail Conference office)

Under NO condition should you be confrontational. Be polite but firm.

More information about reporting incidents, including phone numbers of parks and police agencies are listed in Incident Reporting Procedures.

Privacy statement: This data will be used for summary information only. Your name or other information about you will not be released to anyone without your permission (see below for partial release). We may use your name to reply directly to you concerning the problem that you have reported.

Thanks for the help!

See also Trail Problem Report for reporting bad blazing, down trees, and other physical problems with the trail that need the attention of the maintainer or trail crew, as well as other non-vehicle related problems.


  • Mountain bike - also known as ATB or all terrain bicycle

  • Dirt bike - motorized bicycle or motorcycle

  • ATV - all terrain vehicle or ORV - off road vehicle, sometimes Jeeps and small pickup trucks, etc.