Nomination Application: The Elizabeth Levers Award for Engagement and Inclusivity

Award Description

Honors those volunteers who go above and beyond to bring people into the Trail Conference family and have been strong advocates for ensuring our trails and natural areas are an inclusive environment for everyone to have the opportunity to connect with nature. They embody our value that the joys of nature belong to everyone.

Elizabeth Levers was the Trail Conference President from 1970 – 1972. She engaged numerous youth, including organizing 30 Eagle Scout projects. She was determined to bring as many people into the fold as possible because, as she stated, "You need an ongoing belief in this kind of thing to keep the trails alive."

Guidelines for Nominees

  • Made significant contributions and efforts that embody the corresponding Trail Conference value: “The joys of nature belong to everyone. All people—regardless of age, ability, or location—should be able to experience the rewards of connecting with nature.”
  • Examples of applicable efforts are someone who consistently engages outside and diverse groups of people, or significantly supports or even creates recruitment efforts and resources.
  • Volunteered with the Trail Conference for at least a few years
  • Has been actively involved within the last three years
  • May nominate multiple people together if they were all instrumental parts of the accomplishment you are nominating them for
  • Note: Those who have previously been given this award and board members are not eligible




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