Nomination Application: The William Hoeferlin Award for Exemplary Leadership

Award Description

Honors volunteers who have contributed long-time exemplary service in a leadership capacity by supporting other volunteers and/or spearheading a major project. They embody our value of celebrating volunteers and recognizing that they make the trails and protection of the lands we love possible.

William Hoeferlin dedicated himself to leading his hiking group of 40+ people to engage with the trails. He devoted countless hours to discovering, developing, clearing, and marking trails in the New York metropolitan area and in 1934 he even began making his own trail maps that quickly became the key source for most hikers and volunteers.

Guidelines for Nominees

  • Made significant contributions and efforts that embody the corresponding Trail Conference value: “Creating and protecting trails is a labor of love. We celebrate our volunteers—their passion, dedication, and leadership make the trails we all love possible.”
  • Is someone who has empowered, inspired and enabled others to volunteer and make a big impact. Examples of applicable efforts include initiatives of outreach, leading trainings or work trips, expanding recruitment efforts, spearheading a big project or event, stewarding a group/committee of volunteers, etc.
  • Volunteered with the Trail Conference for at least a few years
  • Has been actively involved within the last three years
  • May nominate multiple people together if they were all instrumental parts of the accomplishment you are nominating them for
  • Note: Those who have previously been given this award and board members are not eligible




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