Yorktown Community Trails

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A fequently asked question is where does the pedestrian bridge over the Taconic Parkway go. It connects parks to form a network of about 15 miles of trails. Very few town parks have more than four miles of trails; this network will have even more miles as it expands to connect with other parks! Its official name is the Yorktown Trailway Taconic Parkway Overpass Bridge, but it is also known as "that bridge"

Neighbors have already discovered the advantages of having trails close by. These trails provide low cost recreation which helps develop a healthy life style; they also enhance the value of nearby homes  

Through a memorandum of understanding between the Town of Yorktown and the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, volunteers are building, managing, and maintaining this network of marked trails. The project is a cooperative effort of the Trail Conference and the Westchester Mountain Biking Association. See their forum on the right column of their website. 

 To learn more about the parks in the Yorktown Community Trail Network, visit

More information is available to group members. Become a volunteer and request to be part of the group. Contact us at [email protected]. or join the mailing list  http://lists.nynjtc.org/mailman/listinfo/yorktowntrails_lists.nynjtc.org

See photos of some of the work trips.

Yorktown Community Trails

Trail Conditions after the October 2011 snow storm

Like Yorktown, the trails in the parks were hit hard with the snow breaking branches and felling whole trees onto the trails. Volunteers have been working on opening the trails in Sylvan Glen, Granite Knolls, and Woodlands, as quickly as possible and many are now open. We have not gotten to Turkey Mountain as of 11/4/11 to check those trails so their status is unknown. If you see a problem on any of the trails please fill out a Trail Problem report from, http://www.nynjtc.org/webform/trail-problem-report.

MOU signed by Trail Conference and Town of Yorktown

As of June 22, 2010, the Trail Conference has an agreement with the Town of Yorktown to construct a new trail system connecting Sylvan Glen Nature Preserve, the Yorktown Trailway and Woodlands which will eventually have about 10 miles of trails. Overall this trail system is envisioned to encourage postive uses of the park. There is a preliminary trail layout which now needs to be laid out on the ground before construction can begin. Westchester Mountain Biking Association is providing their expertise about multiuse trails.