2008-12-01 A05: Add a "Page Owner" field to all pages

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So we can manage the logical ownership of the content of all pages, we will add a Page Owner field.  That person/role will be responsible for maintaining the page and regularly verifying its currency and accuracy.


12/12/2008 This is not possible without changing Drupal core code. Action item closed.


It is possible to do this for selected content types but I expect that most content types will have an assigned overseer who has responsibility for all such pages. However I still oppose it as there is already sufficient information. Every page has an author field (the person who created the page). If the page is changed, we have revisions tracking turned on most places and you can look at the revisions to see who made the last change. It is also possible to change the author field and this should probably be done in selected places, e.g. GW has redone almost all the hike pages entered by Arthur.

Then there are blocks which come in multiple flavors. None of these have any place to record who created them or is responsible for them. Several of those on the front page need timely watching and changing.

  • Some blocks are generated by contributed modules we have added to the system - no known owner.
  • Others blocks  are created by views - so perhaps the creator of the view could be considered the owner. But there is no place to record the creator of a view. These all display data from tables so the block is changed by whoever changes the table. Many tables have multiple people adding or changing rows and each row could be signed if that was important, just add a field to the database.
  • Lastly there are user created blocks such as many of those on the panel pages. Most of these need occasional changes, e.g. typically we are showing 3 out of many bullets on a topic. It may be appropriate to change these occasionally, either for variety, timely emphasis, or based on usage statistics.

Views themselves might be considered to have an ownership issue but again there is no place to record it. Views are closely tied to content types (see above) and maybe the ownership of individual items in a database. For example who is responsible for adjusting exactly what is exposed as searchable in the hikes database.

(Ann) : After much discussion -- we determined the Author field will be used for pages.  Author=owner=responsible for content.  The other entities that have no way of tracking author will be handled differently.