2009-03-09 A02: Organize images on the site, including photo credits

Web Design
Ann, Doug, Walt, Georgette
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Phase I
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We need to create a way to organize the images that are on the site so we can find them, assign photo credits, and keep track of user-submitted images. This action item takes the place of a number of older ones: 2008-12-15 A04, 2008-12-15 A05, 2008-11-03 A13, and 2008-06-16 A04.

We need to identify, where possible, the photographer for each of the photos already in use on the site. We also need to ensure we capture the photo credit for any new photos that are added.

Walt: There are four mechanisms by which photos get onto the site.

1. Upload Image - the image content type can be extended to have a lot more fields to track almost anything. Tell me what you want to track.
2. Smuggled in via ftp - many of the theme headers have been ftped in with no tracking or place to track. I believe these can be converted to Image type.
3. Flash files contain pictures - no tracking
4. Imagefield - pictures in content types, not a node so no place to track - needs investigation.