2009-03-31 actions summary

Web Design
Walt, Ann, Josh
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Phase I
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  1. (Josh then Walt): Staff requested we change default for "Opt in for email from us" to "YES". Josh to discuss with Ed before we do this.
  2. (Walt) "in Memberships" artifact to be removed
  3. (Walt) Rework Join/Renew/Donate flow to minimize reentry of information. (Move gender, birth year, occupation as optional fields in shopping cart.
  4. (DONE - Walt) Transform join/renew data page as gift page; clean up second recipient
  5. (Walt) On gift page, change "giftee" to "gift recipient"
  6. (Walt) Add date to invoices
  7. (Walt) Add tender type (AMEX, MC, etc.) to invoices
  8. (DONE - Walt) Improve efficiency of "print invoices" (Added module to allow batch printing)
  9. Enable invoices to be printed on one page large enough to read
  10. Staff received "a lot of complaints" about invalid credit cards. (Need more specific information to determine if it's due to user error or something else.)
  11. (DONE - Walt) Change setting so member is registered as soon as payment is received (i.e. credit card transaction is accepted), not when completed. (Walt also implemented another process checkpoint "FINISHED" to allow staff to better distinguish among transactions.
  12. (Ann) Trellon did not mark members as members if they check the member box. Get them to fix it.
  13. Improve message (and its placement) to users informing them they have to log in to complete the registration process. The registered user or member discount will not be available until they do.
  14. Need to be able to extract list of those who want to receive e-Walker
  15. (DONE - Ann) Need way to search quicker to look up customers (Function exists in Ubercart -- just needed to show staff how to use it.)
  16. Users should not be allowed to update their member status (number, expiration date) -- fields need to be protected
  17. (Ann) General frustration with number of clicks to do simple repetitive tasks. Investigate if browser has macro capability that could be used. (e.g. iMacros for Firefox)
  18. (Ann) Write up explanation for why users may not see discounted price they expect to get. (e.g. make sure you are logged in!)
  19. Provide way to mark bunch of orders as completed with minimal keystrokes.
  20. We recommended leaving data not used currently in Second Member information. It doesn't hurt to have it.
  21. Staff expressed concern customer list may grow to be cumbersome if we don't prune it. Walt explained that isn't really an issue -- at least for the foreseeable future.