Get new site to work properly on IE

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Walt, Trellon
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Editing in IE is essentially non-functional. This needs to be fixed prior to launch

Walt: The above needs to be amplified with specific errors and exactly how to cause them. List them below!

  • Walt - non repeatable - sometimes works sometime does not. Error is an IE bug triggered by something Drupal does (most likely by TinyMCE). Error claims Connection broken (obviously false because it used the connection to display the error).
  • 1/6/09 above working at the moment but ability to comment is broken (not displayed at bottom of page). It works on some content types but not others, works: Park, Page ... fails: Action item, Meeting ...
  • 1/8/09 a similar glitch is in create content - the bottom few input fields are not displayed so they can be changed. They are there in the show source so css is killing them somehow.