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  • Get Ubercart working in live mode
  • Do security updates
  • Update modules that have newer versions
    • update uc_discount
  • Make trails.css uncompressed so we can modify
  • Fix alignment of left image at top of home page
  • Put out fix-ie.css so that log is not filled with not found messages (from IE 6 users)
  • fix 120 dpi problem (Ann, Ken, Estelle) -- (tabs wrap)
  • DONE discounts improperly applied to products of type decal (decals should not be discounted)
  • DONE Shipping box info needs fixing-
    1. Trellon omitted USPS as a selection; needs to go back in
    2. The line above the box needs to read: "FedEx rates approximate; vary with weight and ZIP" (add "FedEx" to front of sentence)
  • A customer, Rich Siegelman registered as a member at the new site but only received the registered discount.  He ordered Kittatinny maps and I don't know if the new web states its May availability, but since that is my domain, I will check (Gary Willick)
  • The logon form is missing the remember me checkbox.
  • Install jquery_update (failed badly when I tried) want to use lightbox2 which requires it
  • Install v2 of date and event modules - v1 date not supported