How to edit this user guide

This section of this guide is about creating and maintaining the content in this guide and on the site. It is not the content.

The guide is a Wiki (similar to Wikipedia) so authorized users can edit its content directly. If you have corrections to make or content to add and are a registered user, please feel free to help us improve this guide by making the appropriate changes, including a comment, or adding information on a child page.  If you are not yet a registered user and wish to add your knowledge to this guide, please register now! If you are registered, but not logged in, please log in now so you can add your information.

How to help

  • The Web Design team is always in need of volunteers to help us keep the content in this guide relevant and up to date.  If you are comfortable creating and editing information via computer, this is something you can do from the convenience of your home, You can decide how many hours you want to commit to and what topics you are most interested in, and we will work with you to assign a suitable task.  Volunteer now and we will contact you.


  • Anyone can become a registered user of the site.  Just sign up by clicking on the Login/Register item in the left column of this screen.  (If you see your name instead of Login/Register, then you are already registered and logged in!)
  • Once registered, you will see an "Add new comment" link at the bottom of many pages.  Use this if you want to suggest changes to the content of that page or express an opinion about the content.
  • If you are permitted to edit this guide, you should see an edit tab at the top of the page once you are logged in.  When you edit the page, you can change its content in real time.
  • All registered users can be permitted to make changes to the Guide, just ask.

How pages fit together

The way books work is that there is always a next and previous page link at the bottom so you can easily read it in book order. However the first page is really a Table of Contents so once you have generated an important new page deep in the tree, also link it directly from the TOC. So for example at the beginning I am on the TOC and I can add a child page (say the glossary).  Most likely I will want to add other pages in front of it so I go to the TOC (or other higher page) and add a child there.