Membership Benefits

When you first visit the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference (TC) site, you are simply a visitor and you can view all the information about parks and hikes and the hiking experience.

If you register for the site (click on Login/Register in the left column), you gain the ability to participate more fully by interacting with other registered users via forums and blogs and by commenting on your hiking experience.  Unless you choose to opt out, you will also receive our monthly online trails newsletter, E-Walker. (If you order something from our online store, you will automatically be registered for the site if you haven't already signed up and logged in.) 

For full participation, and to help support our mission, you can join the Trail Conference as a Member.  Membership brings additional benefits over those you have when you simply register for the site.   Members receive a 25% discount on store purchases and gain access to members-only areas of the site.  Join Now and enjoy full participation!  For more information on the benefits of membership, go here.