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new map on Shawangunk

Is there a major difference between the old map from 2008 to the new map?

Improvements in the new 2011 Shawangunks maps


There are some great improvements to the new Shawangunks mapset from the 2008 edition.  Here are some of the more significant changes:

--The contour lines have been completely redrawn to better capture the topography of the Gunks (for instance, smaller gullies and ravines are now more easily distinguished).

--The new route of the Long Path south of Sam's Point is now shown correctly.

--Many new points of interest have been added, including a number of trail viewpoints that were not on the previous edition.

--Additional lands acquired by Minnewaska State Park Preserve, Mohonk Preserve, and the Open Space Conservancy have been added, greatly increasing the amount of 'green' open space shown on the maps.

In addition, the maps include other minor adjustments such as some trail name corrections and trail feature placement corrections.

Thanks for your inquiry, and I hope this helps answer your question!

~Jeremy, TC cartographer