How We Work: Committees

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Trail Conference. Supported by staff, they direct the organization and accomplish the work on the trails and in the office largely via a committee structure. All committees welcome new members. Training is provided. Learn more about our volunteer opportunties and how you can get involved. 

Trail Committees

The nearly 1,800 miles of trails maintained by the Trail Conference in New York and New Jersey are divided into regional districts, each with its own volunteer maintainers, volunteer trail managers, and volunteer trail crews.

Trails Council

This forum is where trail managers discuss trail issues, make decisions about changes and additions to the trail system, and set standards for and oversee the maintainer training.

Trails Advocacy

Seeks to protect trails and trail lands by influencing relevant government decision-making.


Seeks to protect trail lands through direct or third-party acquisition of trail lands.


Publishes, markets and distributes hiking maps and trail/hiking guides.

Darlington Schoolhouse

Oversees restoration, including fundraising, of the historic schoolhouse in Mahwah, NJ, purchased Nov. 30, 2007 to become the new home for the Trail Conference

Membership & Development

Cultivates and educates present members and donors, seeks new support from corporations, foundations, public sources and an increased donor base of members and friends.Recruits individuals and club members, cultivates volunteers, and reaches out to non-traditional user groups.


Identifies and recruits candidates for the Board of Directors and Delegates at Large.


Markets the Trail Conference as a leader in hiking community and provides timely and relevant information to the public, members, land managers, and elected officials about hiking, publications, and open space preservation.