Export eBase constituents to Drupal user profile

As an interim measure, so that we can start building the trails database side of the CRM and facilitate the processing of orders from members, we need to import selected fields from eBase and place them in the user's profile. The assumption is that eBase remains as the master record for most data. The profile however has some additional information which we will not push back to eBase, e.g. username and password.

 Field Name  Profile  eBase  New
 Salutation    x  
 First name  x  x  
 Middle name    x  
 Last name  x  x  
 Suffix    x  
 Address1    x  
 Address2    x  
 City    x  
 State    x  
 Zip    x  
 Day phone    x  
 Evening phone    x  
 Email  x  x  
 Member#  x  x  
 Expire date  x  x  
 Member Level    x  
 Record type    x  
 Last change date    x  
 Last change by    x