Ongoing D5 maintenance pre-convert

There should be nothing here unless

  • it does not affect the conversion
  • it does not delay the conversion significantly
  • it significantly delays the content people needlessly.

Work items

  • Whatever is necessary to control the D5->D6 process
    • Action items?
    • Requirements?
    • Something else?
    • Source code control?
  • Consolidate left menu items 

D5 code for referenence


  • See attachment for some of the special mods to Drupal done by Trellon 
  • See attachment for the special theming code done by Trellon


LeftColumn.doc48.5 KB
nynj_custom.zip9.59 KB
trails_zen.zip698.66 KB

Comment: Please be relevant, civil, non-commercial.

Consolidate left menu items

Not sure how to attach a document, so I'll email it to cmte.


To attach a document, edit the page and scroll down to the file attachment area, and expand it. You will then see at box to search your disk for the file. Select one, and hit the attach button. You then need to submit the page to complete the process.