Staying off email black lists

From NTEN email list:

1) Use  to keep our SPF record upt
to date.  I include our exhange, blackbaud raisers edge, websites and
constant contact (we don't use their email authentication feature) in
the SPF record
2) Use DNSStuff RBAlerts to monitor the IPs for blacklisting
3) Give exhange and website servers that send email email private external IPs.
4) Don't buy email lists

Staying off blacklists is more about business practice than anything.

 0. Do not send mail from dynamic IP addresses.
 1. Do a real Confirmed-Opt-In (or "double opt-in") process to let someone on the list (and store the signup IP addresses)
 2. Ideally it should only take a single click to be removed
 3. Maintain a "do not mail" list of people who ask


See for intergration with CiviCRM