Updates since Publication - North Jersey Trails Map Set

Due to the ever-changing nature of trails, our maps, even if accurate when published, may not show new or relocated trails that have been established after the map was printed.  Any changes, omissions, or other updates that are not included on the published map set and that are important for hikers to be aware of will be posted here.


If you have any errors or updates to report, please leave a comment on this page or contact Jeremy Apgar by clicking here.

- - - Update (included on new 10th edition) - Soon after publication of the 9th edition of the map set in 2009, the trailhead for the Mine Trail/Wyanokie Circular Trail [yellow & red] was permanently closed by the landowner and the trail system in this area was revised (Map 115). This trailhead is on Snake Den Road, near the Weis Ecology Center parking lot.  Signs have been posted and access blocked at both ends of the private property. Please plan your hikes to enter and exit the forest trails at other locations. Use the Hewitt-Butler/Mine Trail [blue and yellow] via the Otter Hole Trail [green] from the Weis parking lot, or the Highlands Trail from Westbrook Road/Townsend Road to the new Roomy Mine Trail extension to access other trails.  View the map below for more details (the revised trail system is shown accurately on the current 10th edition of Map 115).

Norvin Green Revised Trail System (Summer 2009)

- - - Update (included on new 10th edition) - The Manaticut Point Trail (yellow-blazed) in the northern section of Norvin Green State Forest (map 115) has been completed and is open for hiking use.  It is shown on map 115 as a proposed trail connecting with the Hewitt-Butler Trail and Lake Sonoma Trail, although the current trail is different from the proposed route shown on the map.

- - - Update - The marked trail network in Jungle Habitat (map 115) has been expanded through the efforts of the Jersey Off Road Bicycle Association (JORBA).

- - - Update (included on new 10th edition) - The Cannonball Trail (map 115) has been slightly rerouted north of Ramapo Lake to be off of private property.

- - - Update (included on new 10th edition) - The Highlands Meadow Trail and Waterview Trail have been established on Passaic River Coalition property just east of Monks Mountain off Greenwood Lake Turnpike (map 115).  Plans are underway to expand the Waterview Trail southward across the Monksville Dam to meet up with the Stonetown Circular Trail.

- - - Update (included on new 10th edition) - Wanaque Wildlife Management Area (map 115) is now a part of Long Pond Ironworks State Park, managed by Ringwood State Park. 

- - - Update (included on new 10th edition) - A new parking area, P-1N, has been established in the Pequannock Watershed between Clinton Reservoir and Hanks Pond (map 116).  It is located at the trailhead for the Hanks West Trail, north of parking P-1 and south of parking P-2.

- - - Update (included on new 10th edition) - The Highlands Trail in the Pequannock Watershed (map 116) has been rerouted in two locations on the map.  1 - Heading north from Echo Lake, the Highlands Trail now turns left at Gould Road and closely follows Gould Road and Union Valley Road to meet back with the former Highlands Trail route as it leaves Union Valley Road.  2 - West of Clinton Road, the Highlands Trail now continues north and turns left on the newly-constructed Bearford Waters Clinton relocation, meeting back with the former Highlands Trail route at the northern end of Clinton Reservoir.  The approximate route of this relocation is shown as a dashed proposed trail on map 116.  Due to flooding, the Clinton West Trail, starting at Clinton Road, now terminates at the northern end of Clinton Reservoir, while the former Clinton West Trail west of this point has been absorbed by the Bearfort Waters Clinton Trail.



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P3 and P4 parking on Clinton Road

P3 is actually a small lot on the west side of the road at the beginning of the Red Buckabear Pond trail.  I'm not sure if there is still a P3 roadside parking spot on the east side of the road.  There are now two P4s, there is a small P4 lot on the west side of the road at the beginning of the White Clinton West trail and there is still the roadside parking P4 on the east side of the road at the beginning of the White Two Brooks trail.

Buckabear Pond Trail (Red) status

What is the status of the Buckabear Pond (Red) Trail?  Estelle says it is now an unmaintained trail.  I was on it over the weekend and it does seem to be blazed from the P3 parking area down to the Dam.  However, the trail near the Pond up to the Dam is extremely hard to follow due to the beaver activity raising the level of the pond.  Is the entire trail now to be considered unmaintained?  Or just the portion near the pond?