Trail Crew: AT on West Mountain

Crew Name: 
Long Distance Trails Crew
Project date: 
Saturday, November 23, 2013 - 9:00am - 3:30pm
Project/Trail Location: 
Appalachian Trail
Project Description: 
  This work trip is part of a four-day series: November 23, November 24, December 7, and December 8.  You are welcome to join the crew for any or all of the days.   The crew will be relocating the Appalachian Trail at West Mountain in Harriman State Park.  Meet at the Anthony Wayne parking lot North, near the Palisades Parkway Exit.  Work will involve sidehilling and light stone work on the first weekend, November 23 & 24.  On the second weekend, December 7 & 8, we will be building stone steps on the trail coming up to Beechy Bottom Road and at a stream crossing nearby.  Bring water, workgloves, lunch, and a *completed Volunteer Service Agreement.* RSVP to Crew Chief Chris Reyling at [email protected], 914-428-9878 home, or 914-953-4900 cell. Bad weather may cancel.   
Contact name: 
Chris Reyling
Contact email: 
[email protected]
Contact phone: 
(914) 428-9878
Travel directions: 
Meet at 9:00 AM on each day at the Anthony Wayne parking lot North, near Palisades Parkway exit 17.