Harriman - Bear Mountain State Park - Twin Forts Trail adopted

Trails Council
Decision Date: 
h. Twin Forts Trail. Pete Heckler noted that the Conference, together with the park, has constructed a new trail linking Fort Clinton in Bear Mountain State Park with Fort Montgomery, including a new 110-foot pedestrian suspension bridge over Popolopen Creek. He stated that the trail is currently unblazed, and that the park has not yet determined whether this trail, unofficially known as the Twin Forts Trail, should be designated as a separate trail or be incorporated as an extension of the 1777 Trail. He proposed that, in any event, the Trails Council agree to adopt this trail. In response to a question by Gary Haugland, who pointed out that the trail was constructed in great haste to meet a political deadline, Larry Wheelock stated that the sections of the Twin Forts Trail constructed by the Trail Conference were built to high standards, but some portions built by the park were not well constructed. Pete Heckler noted that the Conference has submitted a grant proposal for funding to improve the Twin Forts Trail and to construct a new footbridge over Popolopen Creek at a trail crossing where a previous footbridge had been washed out. After discussion, it was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that the Twin Forts Trail be adopted by the Conference.