Morris County Trails Supervisor Position name changed to Pyramid/High/Garrett Mountain Supervisor

Trails Council
Decision Date: 

Renaming of Morris County Trails Supervisor Position.  Daniel Chazin explained that, in recent conversations with Bob Busha, who is now designated Trails Supervisor for Morris County, it became evident that this title does not properly describe his actual position.  He pointed out that, on the one hand, not all trails under Bob Busha’s jurisdiction are in Morris County (he is responsible for trail systems on High Mountain and Garrett Mountain, both of which are in Passaic County) and, on the other hand, the Trail Conference is responsible for the maintenance of other trail systems in Morris County which are not under Bob Busha’s jurisdiction (John Grob is supervisor for trails in Morristown National Historical Park, and Brian Rogers is supervisor for the Farny Highlands trails in Morris County).  Thus, he proposed that Bob Busha’s title be changed to Trails Supervisor for “Pyramid/High/Garrett Mountains,” which concisely lists all the areas that fall under his jurisdiction.  Daniel Chazin stated that he had discussed this change with Bob Busha and that Bob Busha does not have any objection to it.  This change was unanimously approved by the Trails Council.