Norvin Green State Forest - Will Monroe Loop trail approved

Trails Council
Decision Date: 

Will Monroe Loop, Norvin Green State Park:

Bob Jonas presented a proposal for a re-determination of a trail closed in the past.  Part of this trail, originally known as the Wyanokie Crest Trail went onto private land that was eventually closed to the public. A local maintainer has requested that the route be reopened to regain the viewpoint on Assiniwikam Mt. Bob chose to make a loop completely on State land instead of a dead end at the top of the mountain. Bob wishes to avoid approaching the land owner at this time for permission to cross his land. This loop will be named for a pioneer trail maker who was active in the 30s.  Bob showed various illustrations showing a cross section profile of the mountain, and photos detailing the viewshed. He indicated that at some points there are 200-degree views of the Ramapo Mountains.

He could, also see this trail as part of an expanded system in the future.

Approval passed unanimously