Westchester County Trail System adopted

Trails Council
Decision Date: 

g. Westchester County Trails. Jane Daniels noted that she has proposed creating a new trails supervisor position to manage trails in Westchester County. She pointed out that the Conference currently maintains the Camp Smith Trail, trails in Teatown Reservation and trails in Highlands Gateway State Park, and she proposed that the Conference also adopt trails in George's Island Park and Montrose Point Park (both along the Hudson River south of Peekskill), and in Kitchawan Park Preserve. She stated that horses are permitted on the trails in the Kitchawan Park Preserve, but that the area is primarily used by people walking dogs. She also commented that if this proposal were adopted, the Trail Conference would be maintaining 26 miles of trail in Westchester County. In response to a question by Ben Frankel, Jane Daniels pointed out that the Conference has over 400 members who reside in Westchester County, and stated that she felt that the adoption of these additional trails and the creation of this new position would not strain our resources but would rather give rise to additional recognition of and involvement by local residents in the Trail Conference. After a brief discussion, it was moved, seconded and unanimously carried that this proposal (to adopt the additional trails in Westchester County and to create the position of trails supervisor for Westchester County) be accepted by the Trails Council. Jane Daniels pointed out that this proposal has already been approved by the Board.