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Harriman trails Sunday February 7

  I hiked a loop from Lake Skannatati parking, using the ASB, LP, White Bar and Dunning. About half the time the trail was dry and clear, most of the rest of the time it was packed snow. Stream crossings—lots of water is flowing—were tricky. Some rocks and logs were icy.

Hook mountain/long path loop trail in West Nyack

Planning an early morning hike this Saturday Feb 6 up Hook Mtn.. the loop trail. Anyone know trail conditions/probably the snow will melt away next couple of days. Also wondering if that lower parking lot is open.

Trail conditions

hey thinking of hiking deep hollow around to Claudius smith den tomorrow, anyone know now conditions? Good for snow shoes possibly?

Microspikes. We.. were in

Microspikes. We.. were in that area on Wednesday and everything was mushy but nothing that deep. Conditions are very changeable it was a little icier today further south at reeves meadow

AT near Arden Valley Road

I'm curious what the current conditions are on the AT near Arden Valley Road in Harrmiman. Any thoughts on microspikes versus snowshoes this weekend?

Trail Conditions from the GW to Nyack on the Long Path?

Hi, I am thinking of doing a jog/hike from the GW bridge to Nyack this Sunday, 1/31/16. Does anyone know how things look on the trail right now? Icy? Muddy? Ok? Any info is appreciated. Thanks, DT

Cascade Lake Parking

Does anyone know if the parking area for Cascade Lake Park (Warwick NY just over the NJ border) gets plowed in the winter? Thanks.

snowmobiling on lake welch drive

does anyone know how much snow there needs to be before the snowmobiles start using lake welch drive?

Icy conditions

Yesterday I was on the HTS (Hillburn-Torne-Sebago) trail, heading north, and between the Racoon Brook Hills Trail and the gasline cut.  At a point where the trail descends into a birch forest, I slipped on ice that was under the thin layer of snow and slammed down on the base of my spine.  I slipped again later at another similar point of sloped and hidden ice.  I should have been wearing traction aids but neglected to bring them as I didn't realize that there would be many places on the trail that were quite icy.  Just be forewarned.  It's time to start carrying microspikes or stabilicers in the pack.

its tricky because until

its tricky because until today there was ice only sporadically on the trails and wearing traction aids could be more annoying than helpful. after today all bets are off--may need snowshoes!!

spring weather- NJ AT section

Planning a short trip from the Water Gap to High point SP for the spring. I'm wondering when the best time to plan would be regarding weather. I'd like to be over 40 degrees over night and have the foliage begining to grow in to block some wind. I understand the weather is a moving target but I can't find historical averages for specific times of the year to plan when to go. I'm thinking early April?? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

spring Weather - AT

This part of NJ doesn't really get foliage cover until we are into May.     I agree, AccuWeather is good for giving some long range forecasts.  Probably best to check as it gets closer to the time you want to hike.  Depending on the rest of this winter, early April could still find snow on the trails at the Gap and up at High Point.      good luck!

spring weather

I personally like Accuweather - it will give you historical averages for any city you ask (high-low avg temps, ect) As far as the foliage Im not really sure.

acquiring open space on harriman land

someone told me they heard that harriman park was going to be expanded into the NW part of the park near mt aramah. i looked around and could not find any info on this. has anyone heard this??? my friend said it was in the orange county paper a few weeks ago but i couldnt find it...thanks

SRT- Jenny Lane Minnewaska to Chapel in Mohonk Preserve

12/20/2015 Trail was clear and easy to follow.  About 25 people were met on this section, over the day's trip, enjoying the lack of snow and cooler weather.  Nicest part are the ledges on both sides of Peter's Kill & Falls in Minnewaska State Park.  The trail in the Mohonk Preserve has some great views to the north of the Catskill Mountains, now that all the tree leaves are down.   The only annoyance is the $12 per person fee to walk through Mohonk Preserve.  Seems a bit expensive and excessive, compared to the fees the Palisades Interstate Park Commission charges to park and gain access to Minnewaska.  Probably will not go here again at this price.

Route 106

What are the plans for Route 106 this winter? Any closings - if so, where, dates? Are any of the parking areas on TC Map 118 effected?

Route 106 is closed for the winter.

I called the park police today to ask about Route 106, they told be that "the park section" was closed on 12/1.

Winter closure of 106, reply to question

Available information is that the park expects to close the section of 106 that is a park Road. Whether or not it will be closed on Dec 1 as with other selected park roads as in past years or possibly delayed until first snow fall or freeze, I have not learned.  When closed we can expect it to be closed from just west of the Kanawauke Lake parking lot to Rt. 17 with two possible exceptions: Possibly the road will be open from Rt. 17 to the small pull-off for the Parker Cabin Hollow Trail, and also possibly the Ramapo RIver Access (between the Ramapo RIver and Thruway Crossing of 106 just east of Rt. 17) may be kept open, though it would not be priority for immediate attention.   Though the Kanawauke lot is expected to be available, note that no official or maintained trails are available from that lot except if one walks westerly on the road to the various trail crossings.  Walking the road when there is limited travel is not a bad experience (minor useage occurs as needed for a few residences and possible need for camp access.) 

No parking sign at Arden Point trailhead

The trailhead at Arden Point on Lower Station Road (right by the Garrison train station) has parking for about two cars.  On Monday I went there to take a hike and there is a No Parking Anytime sign posted now.  Does the TC know why that sign has been posted there and what our alternatives are other than paying to park at the station lot?

Parking for Arden Point

Parking for this trailhead on Lower Station Road is available in the train station parking lot, which is free on weekends but has a fee during weekdays.  The nearest alternative parking area is at the Garrison Institute and Glenclyffe a little further south on Route 9D.  From the parking area off the entrance road, you can follow trails up to Arden Point or as a loop around the Glenclyffe property.  Both of these parking areas, and the trails themselves, are shown on our East Hudson Trails map of the area.The "No Parking Any Time" signs have been up in that area since at least 2013, and likely even longer ago than that.  I'm unsure the specific reason for the signs, but I might suggest that section of road is fairly narrow with hardly any shoulder, so authorities may have decided for safety concerns to restrict parking at that small shoulder area at the trailhead.~Jeremy, TC Cartographer

SRT-Sam's Point to Lake Awosting

10/24/2015  Hiked this section on this date, starting @ Sam's Point and taking out at the Aumick Rd. access.  Trail was clear and in good condition, however, the SRT / LP split could be better marked.  Puchin by marsh areas of Mud Pond in need of rehabilitation.  Bad condition.  Trees were in full color.  Probably the best of the best, I suspect the leaves will either be browning mostly or coming down.  See them while you can!  Trails were busy, nice to see so many folks using the trails.

popolopen gorge trail from 9w hard to get to

we wanted to do a basic popolopen circular from ft montgomery, going down on 9w to the PG trail and then crossing the spectacular bridge  (thank you trail conference builders)  and climbing the torne and going back on the TT.  there is a lot of construction on 9w now making it very challenging to do the hike this way. we ended up parking at brooks lake park and just going in from there and picking up the timp torne--i didnt want to take a chance with no sidewalk while walking 3 dogs...

Harriman Park trail changes

I hate to put this right up front online, but with all the changes made to the trails in Harriman State Park without the trail conference knowledge this will be putting your new maps into obsolescence very quickly.

Changes to trails are not made without our knowledge

I assume that your comment relates to the difficulties that hikers have had in following the Beech Trail in the area of Tiorati Brook Road (see comments below).  The Trail Conference is well aware of what is going on there -- the Park is replacing a bridge, which has resulted in a temporary interruption of the trail route.  The bridge should be completed within the next month, at which time the trail route will be restored.  The Park does not make changes to the trails without notifying the Trail Conference, and your concerns about our maps becoming obsolete are without basis.

Beech Trail broken

I wanted to do a loop using the LP, Beech, and Red Cross today, but could not, because the bridge on Tiorati Brook Road is being rebuilt. Big hole and lots of heavy equipment there today.  Does anyone know how long this work will take, and block the trail? Jonathan

It's the road

The trails are not affected by the road work, & a couple of weeks ago, I ran down the road with no problem getting past the construction, I hope that helps.

The road

I don't think you could have done that yesterday.  Big crew, lots of machinery, deep hole, and barricades.  Jonathan

Did this hike a few days ago.

Did this hike a few days ago. I was able to cross the stream on the rocks just before the bridge and rejoin the trail at the woods road.

RE: Beech Trail broken

LP/SRT-Wurtsboro Area, Sullivan County NY

9/27/2015  Sunday Hiked from the Shawanga Lodge Rd access to Rt 52, Cragsmoor.  Trail was clear, no other hikers met.  Evidence of the spring fire is still present but new growth is rapidly hiding the damage.  Missed the yellow access trail on the LP & SRT by Rt. 52.  We were not sure if we just missed the intersection or if the blazes were down.  Added a four mile hike to RT 52 & up 52 to get back to the parking lot.  Ouch!  My feet are sore........   Top is marked OK. We will check this out again on the next section hike to see what happened.  If you are in the area and planning to use the access trail, be aware of this potential problem at the bottom end. Trees are starting to turn color but nothing major yet.  Also saw what looks like a new quarry across the valley by the airport.  Sorry to see what looks like a clear cut and strip mine operation.  Angry yellow jackets on the trail.  Got bit or stung once.  It was speculated that they're angry that the season is over and they're about to die.  Therefore they have attack everything to remind people of their existence.

Parking for the Stonetown Circular

Is there any safe place for cars to park for the Stonetown Circular Trail and the others--such as Horse Pond Mountain Trail--that connect to it?  I drove to Stonetown Road, then to the end of White Road, and was shooed off by a hostile resident. There was a dodgy-looking dirt road to the side that might work, but it was not inviting. She also warned me of "three giant bears" in the woods. She was not Goldilocks. So I drove to Lake Riconda, which does have a tiny cul-de-sac at the end of the road, and parked there. That would not hold more than 2 cars comfortably. Both of these locations are marked with a P on the trail map, but they are less than ideal. Jonathan

Stonetown Circular Parking

I had to laugh when I saw your post because one time I parked on White Rd next to the trailhead for the connector trail and some guy came out and "warned" me about a 600 pound bear up in the woods. I think the residents of White Rd. think they own the road, which clearly they do not. My car was still there when I returned from the hike and I saw no bears (although I'm sure there are some in that neck of the woods). I have parked at the Stonetown Recreation Complex on Mary Roth Drive  Take County  511 to Westbrook Rd and make 1st right onto Stonetown Rd. The complex will be on your left. The trailhead for the Stonetown Circular Trail is directly across Stonetown Road from the Mary Roth Drive entrance (there is no sign for Mary Roth Dr., however) You can also park on County  511 at large gravel lot opposite E. Shore Rd. The Highlands Trailis very close to the gravel lot and  will take you up to junction with Horse Pond Mt Trail. Hope this helps.

Parking at East Shore Rd

the gravel parking lot referred to is CLOSED.   Park Police have closed it off due to illegal swmming in the river further up the road.    Stonetown Rec Complex is the best option for parking.   

Victory Trail

Like the poster before me, I also saw some construction equipment but along the Victory Trail near the lake.  It seems as if there is some work being done and I wish the trail conference would know about this.

Beech Trail interruption

On Sat Sept 5 , we came upon major equipment Bulldozer, etc) and construction like site in MIDDLE OF BEECH TRAIL (near Tiorati Brook Road but on trail). No detour noted though both sides of trail were fine except for big impediment. We scrounged around, crossed over dirt at work site. There may have been a good place to dtour but not marked--not even masking tape,etc. No one on hike had seen this before in spring or a bit later. Jane Levenson

Construction Equipment on Beech Trail

The Park is in the process of replacing the bridge over Tiorati Brook on Tiorati Brook Road, just east of the Beech Trail parking area. The old bridge was deemed to be inadequate to handle heavy loads and has already been removed. As a result, Tiorati Brook Road is now closed from a mile east of Tiorati Circle to the Palisades Interstate Parkway. The heavy machinery that has been placed on the route of the Beech Trail is needed for the construction of the new bridge. We hope temporarily to reroute the Beech Trail around the construction area. This temporary reroute would cross Tiorati Brook on rocks near the Beech Trail parking area. Due to the reduced water flow in the brook (the level of Lake Tiorati has been lowered to facilitate the construction), it is anticipated that crossing the brook on rocks should not be difficult. It is hoped that this temporary reroute will be in place very soon.

Beech Trail interruption

Thanks, Dan. We hoped a  marked detour would be forthcoming.

Harriman State Park

Things are really dry in the park.  I was there last weekend and every stream, spring and brook was bone dry.  I know this usually happens in the late summer but this is the worst I've seen it.  When I tried to get down to one of the lakes it was hard to get to the water as well unless I junped right in.  Better bring extra water along and not plan on spending the night.  I was there a few weeks ago and I was wading through deep water on the Red Cross Trail.  What a difference a few weeks makes!

Pelnor Hollow trailhead

Several days ago, I drove to the end of Pelnor Hollow Road to access the Pelnor Hollow trail.  At the end of the road, there were several signs indicating "No Parking" and "Do Not Enter".  The signs seem to be DEC signs, not from property owners.  The NYNJTC Catskill map does not indicate parking, but it does seem to indicate there is trail access. Assuming that I park elsewhere, how do I access the Pelnor Hollow trail from Pelnor Hollow Road?  Does the "Do Not Enter" sign not apply to hikers?

Pelnor Hollow Trailhead Access

There is no offical parking at the end of the road due to some private land located there.  You can however park elsewhere and hike in and gain access to the trailhead.  We are currently working with the NYS DEC to help resolve the parking issue.  

Minnewaska State Park Trail closures

  FYI     Castle Point Carraige Road is closed for restoration from May 2015 until completion...approx. 200 days. http://nysparks.com/parks/attachments/MinnewaskaCastlePointCarriageRoad.pdf

Are wild blueberries ripe yet?

Can anyone who has hiked thru our local Highlands tell me if our wild blueberries are out and ripe? I last hiked a month ago & only saw 'greenies'. Thanks!


I can't answer your question directly with respect to the Highlands, but I can tell you that there are tons of blueberries ready-to-eat in Harriman right now.   My wife and I hiked near Reeves Meadow Visitor Center yesterday and were downing them by the fistful. We made this sacrifice as a service to our fellow hikers, who might otherwise find their clothing stained purple as they passed through trail segments brimming with ripe fruit.


Phil Rizzuto would prefer you called them huckleberries as they are wild.

gypsy moths and blueberries

On June 27, I hiked from the Elk Pen around Island Pond.  Almost every oak and beech tree trunk was covered with dead gypsy moth caterpillars. Another hiker told me that many trees have been defoliated. On June 29, I hiked from Tiorati Brook Road in a big loop east and north, but I did not see a single caterpillar.  I guess this outbreak is localized. Thanks to all the rain, following the Bockey Swamp trail is difficult in spots because of blueberries and ferns covering the trail. Bushes have also made the Red Cross trail pretty narrow as it runs between the Menomenee and the Beech.

Gypsy Moths and Blueberries

In reply to the posted report:  Bockey Swamp Trail is an unmaintained trail.  The report of the narrow conditions on the Red Cross Trail section is appreciated; the assigned maintainers will be notified.  As was noted, the gypsy moths have indeed been active this year resulting in many trees defoliated or left with very diminished and ragged leaves., .

Power Lines Down - White Bar / Victory Trail

My wife and I encountered a worrisome segment of downed power lines yesterday ( 6/7) at the junction of the White Bar and Victory trails in southern Harriman. The lines are touching the ground in some places, though not touching the trail itself. I've reported this to the trail maintainers (I don't know which power company to contact), but hikers through that area, particularly when conditions may be wet, may want to consider avoiding that spot entirely due to the potential for stray voltage.

Lines down are telephone lines

I have contacted John Mack, the West Hudson South Trails Chair, who advises me that both power lines and telephone lines are carried on the poles near the junction of the White Bar and Victory Trails. At one point, both power lines and phone lines were hanging low in this area, but the electric utility has repaired their lines. The wires hanging low or lying on the ground in this area are telephone wires, which are low voltage and not dangerous (unless power lines are also down and touching them--and this is apparently not the case).  The telephone company has also been contacted, but they refuse to repair their lines as long as they remain functional.  The Park is trying to deal with the matter, and it is possible that the phone lines will be rerouted at some point in time.  So, the bottom line is that the low-hanging lines do not pose any danger to hikers in the area.

Blacked out white blazes on the Castle Hike Long Loop?!

My husband and I have done this long loop many, many times without a problem.  Yesterday we were a short distance into the white blazed Todd Lake start of the trail and lost the blazes.  It turns out that the white blazes had been blacked out with paint!  We thought it was vandalism but can't be sure. Almost all of them were blacked out shortly after the start.  Another hiker had tried to scratch off some of the paint in order to expose some white so people wouldn't get lost.  We thank that hiker.  Still, the blazes were blacked out and we ended up having to walk a distance up Skyline Drive (very dangerous) in order to get back to the beginning and take the Castle Hike Short Loop instead.  What is with the blacked out white blazes on the Castle Hike Long Loop?  Anyone know?

Long Path Shelter near Upper Lake Cohasset

Anyone know the current condition of the shelter on the LP right near Upper Lake Cohasset? I believe this is, or was a shelter used by the Girl Scouts at times. It used to be marked on the map as a shelter, but is now marked as "unmaintained shelter". Clean? Usable? Thanks for any info!