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fire on RD near 106, victory shortcut

we noticed remains of a fire, still strong odor and some smoke even...tom jones mt on the RD. significant burned area.  we didnt try to go on the short cut from the victory heading N from skenonto--i know the TC doesnt maintain this and there were lots of blowdowns last time i was on it. anyone been on that lately?

South Harriman Trails Dry

We hiked from the Reeves Meadow Info Center, up Pine Meadow Trail, then Pine Meadow Road to Monitor Rock, across Diamond Mountain and back down PMT to Reeves.  Everything was very dry, only a few small wet spots.  Conditions were excellent.

Ice on Mt Tammany?

Does anyone have an idea of whether I would still encounter ice hiking Mt Tammany via the red-dot - blue dot circuit on April 17?  I've only ever done this hike in early November & mid-May.



Long Path-Harriman, Stockbridge Mtn.


Tiorati Circle to Rt. 6 Parking area.  Conditions are passable with 0" to 5" average snow depth.  Slippery, traction gear and hiking poles recommended.  Very busy yesterday due to the great weather.  Trail becoming muddy in spots with the melt off.  Views from the top of the ridge were very good, with all of the tree leaves down at this time.  Small flocks of birds observed; nut hatches, wood peckers, finches, sparrows, hawks & possibly a vulture.

Trails, ice, snow and water

We hiked the Yellow-Silver and Orange trails in the Ramapo Reservation Friday.  On shaded slopes, trails had a thick layer of melting ice that was slippery, and 2-6 inches of coarse snow next to them.  Much of the park was snow-free, however.  Both ice and snow were busy melting, and the streams were all high.  There were a couple of places where small ponds had formed and frozen on the trail, and these will be very wet for days to come.  But I would bet that most of this ice and snow will be gone by next week.  Things will be muddy for weeks.

Southern Harriman Info?

I'm looking to see if anyone has any updated info on a question I asked earlier this month...

Does anyone have any "current" info about trail conditins (snow depth, trail ice/snow melt) in the area around Lake Sebago?

Is the western side of Rte 106 is closed? (Not sure when the "winter closure" ends)

Are the parking areas at the north end of Lake Sebago accessable from 7 Lakes Dr.?




I ran 106 on Sunday from

I ran 106 on Sunday from kanawauke circle almost to Stahahe.  Although the road closed signs are still present, many vehicles were driving back and forth, so im assuming the road is clear all the way through.  The section I ran was plowed and completely clear of snow.  The designated parking areas I saw were not plowed.  Some people had parked along the roadside and had been ticketed.

As for snow depths, it varies from bare earth on south facing slopes, to up to a foot or more of snow depending on elevation and angle of terrain.

The parking areas on the north end of Sebago are the beach parking areas.  This area has been closed to vehicles since Troical Storm Irene devastated the beach facilities there.  You can walk through there though.

Sebago Parking

I'm not sure we are talking about the same parking areas. I hiked through the parking area(s) at the North end of Sabago in the beginning of Dec and there was a group there with cars and dogs. They may have been practicing search and rescue. I don't know if they had special permission to be there but they talked as if access from 7 Lakes Dr. was no big deal.

I see on the TC map there's a "road closed in winter" symbol on the road I had planned to access the parking areas. Does this mean its not maintained in the winter - proceed at your own risk - or is parking there likely to get you a ticket?

Are there any other parking areas available in this area of the park?

Call the park and let us all

Call the park and let us all know.

Sebago Parking Update

I spoke with "Harriman" this AM (845-786-2444). The parking lots at the North end of Lake Sebago are officially closed to public parking due to storm damage. Anyone parking there (assuming you can gain access) is subject to ticketing. Apparenlty the group I saw parked there in December WAS a  group authorized to practice search and rescue.

Parking at "Sebago Boat Launch" is open, but that's it for parking around Lake Sebago.

Conditions Northern Harriman 3/14/13

Took a short hike from Elk Pen up the AT and over to Island Pond.  There was hard snow with a layer of ice underneath.  With traction (I had crampons but good microspikes shoud be fine too) it was fairly easy going because snow was so hard.  If it gets above freezing it might be another story.

It would be great if people posted more here about conditions because you really can't tell what it's like until you're out there.

Trail Conditions Menomine Trail in Harriman Park March 10, 2014

Thanks in advance for any assistance on this request.

We have a boyscout trip scheduled for this upcoming weekend (3-15-14), plan was to hike form Silvermine Parking Lot to the Brien Shelter via the Menomine trail. Does anyone have any current conditions (snow, ice, etc) of the trail and surrounding trails?


Thanks again



Harriman currently has a

Harriman currently has a blanket of several inches of slushy snow. Warm temps today and tomorrow plus forecasted rain/wet snow wednesday will melt more of the snow.  Temperatures are forecast to drop below freezing for thursday so remaining snow/streams will become very icy.  However, temperatures are forecast to rise again on Friday and Saturday so you can expect the icy snow to soften during the day,re- icing over at night.

Thanks for the info! We may

Thanks for the info! We may change our plans, looks like there may be more rain forecasted for Saturday.


Trail conditions

Hi Doug,  We are also planning a trip to Harriman the same weekend.  If you come up with any information re: conditions I would appreciate any assistance.  Thanks and enjoy your trip   Dan


Harriman Trail Conditions

Anyone have any "current" info about trail conditins (snow depth, trail ice/snow melt) in the area around Lake Sebago?

Is the western side of Rte 106 is closed?

Are the parking areas at the north end of Lake Sebago accessable from 7 Lakes Dr.?




Trail Conditions in Harriman

I did a hike yesterday at the southern end of Harriman, starting from the Reeves Meadow Visitor Center.  The ground was covered with about a foot of frozen snow, with the trails well packed down.  In general, the snow was frozen sufficiently that you did not sink in even when walking on untracked snow, but there were places that you would sink in a few inches (occasionally, even more).   I wore StablIcers, which I found very helpful, especially for the steep descents.  My friend did not have any traction devices, but he was able to negotiate the snow conditions without undue difficulty (he did have to slide down one steep slope, though).  I would strongly recommend that, if at all possible, you do wear some kind of traction devices on your boots.

The Park has closed Route 106 from Route 17 to just west of the Kanawauke Circle for the winter.  It does not have the resources necessary to plow this road.  However, at the Commission meeting held on Monday, Jim Hall, PIPC's Executive Director, announced that he is trying to work out an arrangement with a local town that would permit the road to be kept open next winter.

I do not know the status of the parking area at the northern end of Lake Sebago.


Thanks for the info


AT Trail relocation at Bear Mt

Anyone know what is going on with this project?

Bear Mountain Trails Project 2014

Thanks for asking. Work is scheduled to resume in March, with the annual Orientation set for Saturday, March 15. Other workshops are already on our calendar. We hope to see you. Your friends, too.

Posted Signs on the AT in New Jersey

On a section of the AT in New Jersey where you  come to a pond with a dam that you walk over and depending on which direction you're going in you either come to a quick uphill or a downhill from the open field on the other side.  This is I think after Pocuck.  There are posted, no tresspassing signs on both sides, left and right right on the trail.  Is this an easement for the trail corrodor, or is this an encroacement?  I thought the trail had a protected corrodor and I was a monitor.  What's up with that?

The New York Walk Book

I'm wondering why the walk book is missing some of the trails in Harriman State Park.  The missing trails are the Fawn Trail, the Lichen Trail and the Victory trail.  They are on the maps, but there is no description at all of these trails in the current book.

Harriman Trails in New York Walk Book

The New York Walk Book is not intended to be a comprehensive guidebook to all trails in Harriman. Some trails of lesser importance are not included. For a complete description of all of the marked trails (and many of the unmarked trails) in Harriman, you should obtain a copy of Harriman Trails: A Guide and History.

Thanks for the info Georgette

Kanawauke Lake picnic area parking lot will be kept open in winter...  The lot that has no access to hiking trails without a road walk or hiking on forbidden unmarked park roads/trails.  I wonder how the park employees that live near Lake Stahahe will get out if the plows wont go beyond the bridge?

Route 106 in Harriman Status

Route 106 in Harriman State Park is now a park road, managed by the Palisades Interstate Park Commission and subject to seasonal closure due to snow and ice. The parking area at Lake Kanawauke will be kept open. Please click here for details.

Are Harriman trails icy now?

I was hoping to do a New Years Day hike in northern Harriman, possibly around Turkey Hill Lake/Queensboro Lake near the Anthony Wayne Rec. Area.  Can anyone tell me if the trails are icy now?  Possible snow today could create icy conditions for tomorrow, just wondering if anyone has been out in the last day or so.


Thanks & Happy New Year!

icy trails?

ice exists but not much. after the upcoming snow on thurs-fri though it will be a different story. as of tues afternoon any ice was easy to get around.

Long Path-Stage Rd. E. Berne to J.Boyd Thatcher SP End of Trail

Hiked this section yesterday (12/28/2013) taking advantage of the good weather and lack of snow on the ground.  The section was well marked and the trail in good condition with very limited snow or ice.  Weather was cold and cloudy with a stiff breeze but sun the appeared at the end of the day.

Walking from Stage Rd. to John Boyd Thatcher SP was quick and easy.  Views along the way to the west were very good.  The hills just seemed to go on forever into the distance.  At the entrance to the park we met a couple that are part of the LP-North group.  Very nice to meet some of the folks who work so hard to maintain this area of the trail.  One interesting note we discussed with them was the change of the path from the 5th Ed. book description to the current on-line description.  In particular was the loss of access to the Roemer Property that had been formerly been included in this section.  The gentleman we met (a former maintainer in this area) explained that some off road cyclists had an arguement and run-in with the property owner of this area (not Trail Conference hikers) and upset the property owner to the point where access is now no longer allowed.  The property owner was not necessarily upset with the hikers and TC but just did not want to have to deal with anyone on the property anymore.  I guess it reinforces the point that we are all ambassadors for the Trail Conference and need to act accordingly when in the field.

John Boyd Thatcher SP was magnificent.  The views were great even though it was a bit cloudy.  The Indian Ladder was closed this time of year and will require a future visit to experience this very unique geologic feature.  Fossils were observed through out the park.  The natural fissures described for this section were impressive, some appearing to descend into the rock and earth for over 10 feet.  Beaver lodges were observed by one of the ponds in the park and their efficiency in tree removal and dam building was notable.  The escarpment walk was really impressive and one could spend most of a day just walking the edge and enjoying the views.  The park is really a jewel for the State of New York.


This was the last section for us to reach what is currently the final end point of the trail.  It was a great hiking project and we had a lot of fun.  We are also inspired to hike the northern extension to the Adirondack Blue Line next year.  We recommend this trail for anyone looking for a great hiking experience and to see the many faces of New York and arguably a great hike in the limited section in New Jersey.  Thanks to Vincent Schaffer for his idea and all of the other people (Trail Conference, planners, maintainers, etc.) that have kept this historic trail alive and well.


I've really enjoyed reading these- thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

Parking on Townsend Rd.?

Do you know if parking is allowed on Townsend Rd. (the street just beyond the West Brood Rd gate where parking used to be allowed) near where the Highlands Trail heads uphill into the woods?

parking on Westbrook and Townsend Rds

Parking is permitted on Westbrook Road - as long as the gate is not blocked in any way.  Since most hikers are during the weekend, parking there has not been an issue.  This has been discussed with the Wanaque Reservoir people, who are the property owners.    In addition to the gate/fence, there are plenty of available pull-in places all along the road shoulder, East of the gate.  

 There is very minimal parking on Townsend Rd, for no more than two cars, and since there is a residence right across from the trail entrance, it is preferable that people continue to park on Westbrook Rd.  This is not indicated as hiker parking on our maps for that reason. 

Please refer to Bob's posting below regarding Westbrook Rd. 

Thanks, Estelle

I meant for my question to be posted as a 'reply' to Bob's posting, but it didn't work out that way.

Snow conditions?

I'm looking to hike the Nawahunta Fire Road /  Long Path /  Menomine triangle tomorrow.  Can someone tell me what the snow / ice conditions are there as of today?  One of us has Yaktrax & the other has Microspikes and / or Yaktrax.  I'm hoping there's some nice packed snow helping to even out all the rocks.


Expect slush as temps have not gone below freezing for 2 nights.

Slush fest

OMG it was a gauntlet of slush.  My "beginner" hike I have done 10 times, even in good snowpack, became a hike I almost regretted.  My newbie friend (in fantastic shape, walks upwards of 10 miles a day but only on concrete, but never hiked before) said he would never go hiking again and could barely walk the next day due to all those stabilizer muscles activating, especially calves & lumbar.  As for me, well, I wished I had my snowshoes instead of my Yaks, and felt a "little" twingeing in the gluteus medius the next day, but nothing too horrible.  Thank goodness for hiking poles.

In the end, I didn't regret it, and somehow we managed to do it in 4.5 hours which included 1/2 hour at Stockbridge.  Don't know how we accomplished that because I kept stopping every 10 minutes due to cardio & lactic acid fatigue.  The temperatures were glorious at 50 degrees and sunny for 50% of the time.

I won't even be able to TALK to my friend about hiking again unless all the leaves are in a blaze of glorious color on the trees.  That's a quote.

North Eastern Westchester Trail Conditions 12-15-13

There is about 3 or 4 inches on the ground with about 2 inches of hard crust on top of that.  The crust would not bear the weight of a hiker.  We used Stabilizers instead of Microspikes, and thus had no problem with balling up on our feet. There was a coating of ice on most branches but that melted off during the warm up on Sunday afternoon.

West Brook Rd., Highlands Trail

As many of you know, construction work has started on a new causeway across the Wanaque Reservoir. Traffic from Ringwood Ave./Rt. 511, may be reduced to a single lane, but passage will remain open in both directions unless it's shut down by the inspectors. We will attempt to keep you apprised of this as the work goes forward. 

Parking will still be allowed along West Brook Road, but DO NOT park in front of the GATE by the enclosed staging area, or you may be towed. All other conditions remain as is.

Parking on Townsend Rd. off of West Brook ?

Do you know if parking is allowed on Townsend Rd. (the street just beyond the West Brood Rd gate where parking used to be allowed) near where the Highlands Trail heads uphill into the woods?

Long Path- Switzkill Rd. to Stage Rd., Albany County

12/3/2013  Hiked this section today.  Pleasant, easy walk through the south Albany area.  Views of the Catskills on the way to & from the area are impressive, although the clouds did not reveal the true impressiveness of the views today.  Currently there is snow on the ground, ranging from non-existant to approximately 2".  View towards the west & south of the Gifford Hollow area were one came from along Wiltsie Rd. were very good. 

The beaver pond was impressive, the beavers are industrious. Their lodge was fairly large and the area was surrounded with lots of gnawed stumps.  Hunters were fewer today but still out, we met a few on the trail.  We also visited three older cemetaries along the trail, most date back to the 1800's.  The Albany area Doppler radar dome was interesting to see and reminded us of a metal soccer ball.  We ate lunch prior to the dome by the now closed camp pond.  Nice view of the camp and pond was observed.  A quiet hike today.


 The only confusing area is by the final crossing of a field to arrive at Rt. 443 & Stage Rd.  It's easy to miss the turn and walk right up to the roadway due to other blazes being in clear view there.  However, as the section description notes, one needs to follow the edge of the field in a clockwise fashion to more easily meet the road and continue on the trail.

Long Path-Albany area, snow conditions?


Does anyone know how much snow is on the ground near Berne or Albany?  Looking to hike there Tuesday and I'm not sure how to find out this information.  Any information regarding this subject is appreciated, thanks.

Hiking Bear Mountain to CT Border on the AT

Was wondering how the conditions are from Bear Mountain to CT??

We will be hiking this section this weekend.

There is no snow on the

There is no snow on the ground. Streams are running again after the Nor'easter and some small ponds have begun to ice up.  Condions are generally fine at least from Bear Mt into Putnam County.

ATV's in Harriman State Park

Myself and 2 friends stayed at the Stone Memorial shelter on Saturday night in the south east part of the park. While we were cutting some firewood off a downed tree nearby, 2 guys on ATV's came past. I didn't think much of it until about 7:30pmish when 7 ATV's came storming by the shelter on the woodsroad thats directly behind. They were heading down the woods road towards where it would eventually meet up with the power lines.


Any idea who these people might have been? Maybe park workers, or Trail Conference people?

Those people are local people

Those people are local people that ride through the park regularly for their selfish enjoyment which the Park, and Park police, seem to care or do little about.

Environmental impact from ATV's

is pretty intense.  Just take a look at the trails on Beacon Mountain.  I would hate to see that in Harriman.  

ATVs in Harriman State Park

We appreciate the report of these ATVs in Harriman Park and have passed this report to Park authorities.  While we have no information on the identity of these ATV users, we can say definitely that they were not on any Trail Conference mission.  We do not condone ATV use where not permitted, which includes all of Harriman and Bear Mountain Parks, as well as other parks in the area.  

Thanks very much...

Thanks very much for addressing this!



Long Path- Albany County Line to Switz Kill

Hiked this section on 11/23/2013.  Weather was COLD, breezy with clouds, the temperature never got above freezing.  The section was marked OK, however when the leaves are up there are a few sections that would be hard to navigate due to a bad line of sight.  Deer were pleniful and scared. Hunting season is in full swing, we met many hunters, very friendly and safety conscious.  Make sure to wear orange if you hike this section, a wildlife management area, AKA hunting area.  We met about a dozen hunters along the trail.

The weather cooperated most of the day but around 3pm when we reached the lean-to, a snow squal line came in and blanketed the whole area for about an hour.  We were done for the day so it was not a concern but the snow fall was fast and dense with low visibility.  About a half inch to inch came down at this time.   The lean-to is well made and nicely maintained.  The open pit out house would take a little getting used to and it is a little too close to the Switz Kill stream for my liking.  It could easily be over flowed in a storm and its "contents" could end up in the stream.

Ponds were pretty and the beavers have been industrious.  Bird flocks of chickadees and nut hatches were present along the length of the trail, talking up quite a storm.  We were also treated to a flock of cedar waxwing munching on wild berries or cherries on trees along the trail. 

Hiking this section with the leaves down was a plus.  Views over some of the valley areas were present that normally would not be observed with the leaves up.  While hiking here in warm weather would have its finer points too, hiking here in the colder weather was good.

Finally, during this section and the last several sections, the sandstones have exhibited interesting fossils.  The bulk have been bivalves.  They are not easily seen but show up frequently if one looks for them along the trail.

Ramapo Torne scorched earth

I just got back from hiking up to the Ramapo Torne and saw scorched earth and trees from fires practically all of the way up to the top, on the west-northwestern side, where the orange trail (Hillburn Torne Sebago Trail) climbs up to it.  This was the first time I had hiked up there in several months.  Does anyone know the story about this fire?  or is it unknown.  Did rangers put it out?

Fires along White Bar Trail

Yesterday I was on the Lichen Trail heading south, right at the great vista spot, marked by a star on the Harriman map, and I saw several pillers of smoke all along the corrider that would be about where the White Bar trail is in that area.  They were southwest from my position. I could even smell leaves burning from all the way up on the lichen trail. I called the State Park Police and they forwarded my call to the Rangers who called me back within a minute and said that they had some Rangers heading there.  The park is very dry as we have not had enough rain for several months.  Please be careful with matches.  There is no real reason to start fires in the park, especailly at this time.