Comments from Jennifer

My only suggestions with regard to the minutes are below. Otherwise, looks great! Thanks for doing this Georgette and thanks everyone for your participation yesterday! -I believe the website should be database backed, not just “donor” backed because we have to account for consumers (non-members buying publications), members, and volunteers. Taking ourselves out of the data entry equation builds capacity for growth internally. In fact, without it, we cannot handle growth given staff capacity at this time, especially not exponential growth. -I believe it would be best if one person (a copywriter) were responsible for the following: implementing the strategic vision as agreed by the BOD on each page of the website in conjunction with contemporary marketing language to help us market the organization, membership, and maps and publications (it would be great if we could all be on the same page internally that volunteering and fundraising is the means by which we engage our members and deepen our relationships with them); administers the Google Adwords campaign for the Trail Conference; assists with administering the terms of the contract with regard to Google Adwords campaigns for our sponsors; assists with ensuring these communications are succinct and consistent with Trail Conference communications (i.e. Trail Walker, information brochures) and any social media outlets we participate with (i.e. facebook, Twitter, outdoor industry related on-line blogs).

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Additional Comments

***With regard to demographics 18-34, I’d forgotten to mention the below as part of what I believe our objectives should be.*** 1. Promotions: (i.e. photo contests, product “give aways” at our events from sponsors, competitive events) 2. Flash photos/banners on the website on individual pages 3. On-line video included on the web with testimonials from members/member volunteers/Ed/Bob ***Also, some of the objectives don't have quantifiable metrics or benchmarks. This is really what we should be shooting for because that is how we will be able to determine whether we're accomplishing things universally, as opposed to individual discretion. For example, ensuring people have a good there any way we can refine each objective to end up with a means to measure success?***

I also think we should have

I also think we should have an annual objective to ensure we have 4 NPR spots, one PBS spot, and 12 articles written about us annually.