Walt's Current Priorities

Note:  The content below is in draft form -- Ann's best stab at a list.  Walt and others, feel free to amend before Monday's meeting.  We'll finalize the list then.

To help manage the outstanding Web Design issues, the following is a list of (no more than ten) items that need work, in priority order (most critical first).  The priorities will be reviewed by the team at the weekly status meetings in order to help Walt determine what to work on.

  1. Fix it so people no longer land and stay in the old Web site so we get better results from Google Analytics.
    • Discussion: As we attempt to gain revenue from our site, we need better statistics to attract sponsors.  We also want users to visit our new site, NOT the old one!  
    • Redirects
      1. Agree on best approach for redirecting traffic from old pages to new
      2. Recruit additional volunteers to implement as needed
      3. Create training syllabus and train as needed.
      4. Implement the redirects.
    • Revise Headers, titles and metadata to help search engines find new pages.
      • As Doug is the one most knowledgeable about what makes Google Analytics tick, perhaps he should be the one to lead the effort to instrument the site with appropriate metadata, metatags, etc. and provide guidance to Georgette and volunteers on what content needs changing?
  2. Rework Join/Renew/Donate/ Buy flow so it works smoothly
    • Discussion: Need input from Ed/Jennifer for Donate flow;  need to fix it so don't have to push Shipping button when it is the only option; turn off ability for anonymous user to order.
  3. Establish generic email addresses and open contact forms to anon.
  4. Explore fix to Firefox certificate problem.
  5. Block users from updating member # and expiration date -- only authorized staff/volunteers should be able to change these.
  6. Implement sponsorships as first tab on the Hike page.
  7. Get membership data onto the Web and work with staff to ensure process of recording membership info is fully documented (all paths).
  8. Health and Safety page (work with Doug on this)