Huyler's Landing Trail/Dyckman Hill Trail Loop from Englewood Boat Basin


This hike begins by following the shoreline of the Hudson River and continues along the top of the Palisades cliffs, with many outstanding views.

5 hours
8 miles
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Allowed on leash
Views, Waterfall, Fees, Historic feature, Cliffs
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Daniel Chazin


Accross the Hudson from South of Clinton Point. Photo by Daniel Chazin.


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Trail Conference volunteers maintain trails in this park.
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Driving Directions

Take the Palisades Interstate Parkway to Exit 1 (Palisade Avenue, Englewood). Proceed east on Palisade Avenue and descend on the park entrance road to the Englewood Boat Basin. When you reach the traffic circle at the base of the descent, proceed north, entering the boat basin area (a fee is charged during summer months). Continue to the northern end of the boat basin.


From the northern end of the boat basin, proceed north along the white-blazed Shore Trail. The blazing is rather sparse in places, but the route is unmistakable, as it follows a rocky footpath along the narrow strip between the Palisades cliffs on the left and the Hudson River on the right. The trail goes through an area infested with poison ivy, so be sure to wear long pants and avoid touching this plant, characterized by its three leaves.

Undercliff Bathhouse Ruins at Englewood Boat Basin. Photo by Daniel Chazin.Almost immediately, you’ll pass the stone ruins of a bathhouse above and to the left. In about half a mile, the trail reaches a beach and briefly runs adjacent to the Henry Hudson Drive, which descends to the river level here. Just beyond, you’ll pass the ruins of the Undercliff Bathhouse in an open area.

For the next three miles or so, the trail runs through a secluded area. New York City is across the river, but all is quiet, except for the waves lapping against the shore and the occasional noise from boats in the river, aircraft above, or trains on the other side of the river. You’ll pass some old stone picnic tables, and at one point you can look up at the cliffs to the left.

About two miles from the start, you’ll cross a wooden bridge and pass a small waterfall, known as Lost Brook Falls. About a third of a mile ahead, you’ll notice a beach and a stone jetty to the right. This is the site of the old Lambier’s Dock. Then, in another third of a mile, you’ll reach Greenbrook Falls, a large waterfall over a rock face to the left of the trail. The trail crosses just below the falls on large boulders.

Half a mile beyond Greenbrook Falls, you’ll pass the ruins of a stone jetty to the right, with a beautiful view upriver to the north. Just beyond, a woods road departs to the left. This is the Looking North Along the Shore Bath. Photo by Daniel Chazin.Huyler’s Landing Trail, marked with dark red blazes. Bear left here and follow this trail as it switchbacks up a wide woods road, soon reaching the paved Henry Hudson Drive. Turn left and follow the drive for about 250 feet, then turn right, ascend wood-and-concrete steps, and continue to ascend on a narrower path. The ascent is steady but moderate. As the trail nears the top of the cliffs, it turns right and climbs wide stone steps. Finally, just before reaching the Palisades Interstate Parkway, the Huyler’s Landing Trail ends at a junction with the aqua-blazed Long Path.

Turn left at this junction and follow the Long Path south, parallel to the Parkway. Although the noise of the traffic on the Parkway can constantly be heard, the Parkway itself is often out of sight. At first, the Long Path follows a grassy woods road, with the blazing a little sparse. It soon dips down, climbs back to the level of the Parkway, and begins to parallel the fence of the Greenbrook Sanctuary on the left. A short distance beyond, it dips again to cross a stream. In another half mile, the trail crosses the paved entrance road to the Greenbrook Sanctuary, which is open to members only.

On the other side of the road, the Long Path climbs wooden steps, continues across several wet areas on puncheons (wooden planks), which may be slippery when wet, and crosses the Green Brook on a stone-faced bridge. In three-quarters of a mile, a short side trail on the left leads to Clinton Point – a magnificent viewpoint over the river, with Yonkers visible to the left across the river. There is no fencing here, so use caution and do not approach the edge of the cliffs. In two-thirds of a mile, you’ll reach another viewpoint, with the Henry Hudson Parkway bridge across the river to the right. After passing the stone ruins of the former Cadgene estate, you’ll soon arrive at the Rockefeller Lookout, with fine views over the river. The George Washington Bridge is visible to the south, with the Manhattan skyline beyond.

Half a mile south of the Rockefeller Lookout, the Long Path swings to the left, away from the Parkway. Just beyond, as the trail curves to the right, you’ll notice an unmarked path leaving to the left. Turn left and follow this short side trail, which leads to the High Tom overlook, with outstanding views across the Hudson River and up the river to the north. After enjoying this beautiful spot, return to the main trail, turn left, and proceed south.

You’ll soon arrive at Palisade Avenue in Englewood. Turn left and briefly parallel the ramp to the northbound Parkway, then turn left again and follow the sidewalk which descends along the park entrance road. You will notice the yellow blazes of the Dyckman Hill Trail, which begins here. Follow the yellow blazes as they turn left and descend stone-and-concrete steps, passing by a waterfall and then going through an underpass beneath the entrance road. The trail then turns right and continues to descend on stone-paved switchbacks and stone steps. When you again reach the park entrance road, cross the road, turn right, then descend steps to the left. Upon reaching the river level, head north until you reach the northern end of the boat basin area, where you parked your car.

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Shore Trail blocked by tree

Tried to hike this yesterday and The Shore Trail between Greenbrook Falls and Huyler’s Landing Trail is blocked by a massive fallen tree. The trail is basically impassable at this point. We decided not to risk injury by trying to detour around the tree since it was steep and muddy in this area. We turned back and hiked the way we came. Still enjoyed the high 50's weather on a beautiful day along the Hudson.

Blowdown has been removed

The blowdown you mention was removed today.  I'm told that it did indeed completely block the trail, and that it took the volunteers who worked on clearing it over two hours to remove it completely.  The Shore Trail should now be open and passable in this area.

Great job!

Thanks! You guys are great. We appreciate the hard work you put into keeping the trails passable and safe for us hikers.

Hike October 2015

Real nice moderate hike. The first stretch is mostly along the Hudson, with nice views. 

nice hike Mar 2014

we've done a lot of hiking in the pallisades but we never did this stretch between huylers and the boat basin before. today was the day - early spring but temps in the 60s make it the perfect day for the hike. no chance of getting lost on this one as the trails are clearly marked and well travelled. we took 4 hours for this hike including some generous time for rests, sightseeing and geocache searching. great views from the overlooks on the long path between greenbrook and englewood...