Silas Condict County Park White Trail


This hike climbs to several panoramic viewpoints, passes a balanced rock and goes through a rock tunnel.

2.5 hours
3 miles
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Allowed on leash
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Daniel Chazin


Silas Condict Count Park. Cave Tunnel in winter. Photo by Daniel Chazin.


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Trail Conference volunteers maintain trails in this park.
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Driving Directions

Follow N.J. Route 208 North to I-287 South and take Exit 52B of I-287 (N.J. Route 23 North). Follow Route 23 north for 2.6 miles and take the exit for Kinnelon Road/Kiel Avenue. Turn left at the traffic light, following the sign for “Kinnelon,” cross Route 23, and continue for 1.1 miles to the entrance to Silas Condict County Park, on the right. Turn right and follow William Lewis Arthur Drive (the park entrance road) for 0.7 mile, passing two parking areas and a locked gate on the right. With the lake and a stone building (known as the Casino) visible on the left, park in the third parking area along the road.


From the parking area, head south, passing to the right of the lake and the Casino. Continue ahead across a lawn, passing a ballfield on the right, and bear left onto a gravel road. About 400 feet beyond the end of the lake (before reaching a chain-link fence across the road), you’ll notice a kiosk and a triple-white blaze on a tree to the right. This marks the start of the White Trail, which will be your route for the entire hike.

Turn right and follow the White Trail into the woods. It climbs to the edge of an escarpment, descends a little, then resumes a steady climb. Be alert for aEast view in winter from the bench. Photo by Daniel Chazin. sharp turn to the right. Just ahead, the trail switches back to the left and begins a steeper climb. At the crest of the rise, the trail comes out on a rock outcrop, with a panoramic east-facing view. A bench has been placed here to permit you to rest and enjoy the view.

The trail now begins a steady descent, passing interesting rock outcrops on the way down. It then climbs again, first gradually, then more steeply through mountain laurel thickets. At the top, a rock outcrop to the right of the trail, with pitch pines and mountain laurel, offers a broad view to the west.

After taking in the view, return to the trail and head south along the rocky ridge, with several short but steep ups-and-downs, and limited views to the west through the trees. Towards the end of the ridge, the trail comes out on a broad southwest-facing viewpoint from a rock ledge to the right of the trail.

Balanced Rock in winter. Photo by Daniel Chazin.A short distance beyond, the trail passes a balanced boulder on the right, then turns right and begins to descend. After passing an interesting rock outcrop on the right, the trail begins a short ascent. At the top of the climb, it turns right and goes through a tunnel under massive boulders. It now climbs past another huge rock outcrop and again starts to descend.

At a limited viewpoint to the east, the trail turns left, passes a huge overhanging boulder on the right, and soon levels off. It descends gradually, crosses a small stream, and makes a short climb. After passing a massive rock outcrop on the left, the trail descends more steeply. It goes over another rise and descends to cross a tributary stream on a wooden bridge.

After crossing the main stream on another wooden bridge, the trail steeply climbs around a cliff, turns left onto a gravel road, and continues to climb rather steeply. It reaches an open area at the crest of the rise, where it bears left, leaving the gravel road, and continues on a footpath. Soon, you’ll pass rock outcrops on the left that offer a west-facing view overlooking the ridge that you followed at the start of the hike.

The trail now descends, twice briefly joining dead-end branches of the gravel road that it followed up the rise. It continues on a footpath to end at the second parking area of Silas Condict County Park. Turn left to return to the third parking area, where the hike began.

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Nice hike

Just to give an update on this hike. The trail was nice and well identified. The parking and facilities are convenient too. At first I thought there were lots of spider webs but it turns out it was rather made by small caterpillars. At some point I even heard something falling like light rain and I realized it was those invasive caterpillars falling down from the tree all over the place in the wood. I was rather unique but a bit gross of course. I guess it`s the time of the year. Anyway, I recommend this hike.  

Hiking Morris County's Silas Condict County Park's White Trail!!

Check out a virtual tour of the White Trail with in Morris County's Silas Condict County Park! of Pictures!!!!

Great hike !

 We did this hike on 11/20/11 & really enjoyed it! Fabulous view of a farm/home with a white fence encircling it which looked like a postcard . Great job of blazing too. 


Location of hike is what TC calls central region of north jersey. There should be info that the location is partially covered by the new map & when updated the info available after printing will be included.  I found the TC map usefull for orienting to the sites from the view points, eg, smoke rise water tower, kanouse mtn cliff face, in the future to the crossing of east gate road to the Buck Mtn section of Farny State Park.  

Region and Maps

Thank you for calling this to our attention. We have added links to our trail map. However, hikers should be aware that our map was published before the white trail was complete and therefore does not show on the 2011 edition of Jersey Highlands (Central North Jersey Region) map. Morris County is the correct region. This is the New Jersey Walk Book Region as listed at We understand that the use of "Region" on the map might be confusing.