2009-03-31 Meeting re Ubercart issues re store and join/renew/donate

Tuesday, March 31, 2009 - 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Web Design

Review Gary and Hedy's concerns as described below:

Dear Web Committee:

Gary and I have spent time this morning compiling a list of the "issues" we are encountering from an administrative perspective. Please bear this in mind as you take a look. We need to meet together (web & admin) to take a look together and see what we can accomplish and what we need to put aside for the time being. Perhaps Monday when you are scheduled to be here. I would much prefer to discuss in person these issues rather than go back and forth via email.


  • Approximately 80% of the orders for pubs are not getting either the member price or the registered user discount. We found some members getting the registered user discount but not the member discount. There is a small number who are getting the correct discount.
    We will need to go back in and credit the orders accordingly back from March 1.
  • Some orders are flagged as members and received member pricing prior to us going in and changing the order from "payment received" to "completed". We are unclear as to why this happens in some cases. 
  • Have received phone calls from people who have tried to renew/join on line and for various reasons it will not work for them. I would like a standard response if possible that I can share with them as what may be the issue. We understand that you are there for technical issues and we are there for customer service, but we feel it would be reassuring if we had a standard reply that mentioned specific possible tech glitches in these cases. It would be a good idea for the web committee to take a listen to one of these to hear the customer's frustration so we can address together a response. Putting them into a category of "some just don't get it" is not acceptable in my mind. 
  • We need the date and tender type to print on the "printable invoice". Although we have been told this is costly, it is important to save time and facilitate bookkeeping and auditing. 
  • We need to print our invoices out. Currently it takes about 7 clicks to print 1 invoice. Would like to know if Drupal Code could be written to simplify this. 
  • Could Drupal Code be written that could take an excel file generated from an ebase export and import into ubercart orders database to flag orders as "completed"? If that is time consuming and needs to be tabled for now, can some shorter code be written that simplifies the current four of five clicks necessary to flag an order as "completed" and go back to the "search for order number" screen into one or two clicks? 
  • The only "Second Member" information we need now is the Name. Please remove email and phone options for the second member 
  • May want to rethink wording on "opt in for email from us". Many are choosing No to this. Then we loose the opportunity to send email blast out to these folk. 
  • The customer list will eventually get quite full and cumbersome to work around. Will this list stay indefinitely on the site? Can we have the letters A-Z running across the bottom so we can quickly find all orders for last names beginning with a certain letter?

We look forward to working through these issues with you. Yes, we do want to be inundated with membership and orders, but we also need to be able to work behind the scenes in a logical and efficient manner and more importantly, have a happy customer.




Hedy Abad

Membership Program Manager

NY-NJ Trail Conference

201-512-9348 x17

[email protected]


Gary Willick

Fullfillment Coordinator

NY-NJ Trail Conference

201-512-9348 x11

[email protected]

[email protected]



Ann, Walt, Josh, Hedy, Gary

2009-03-31 Meeting with Josh, Hedy, Gary, Walt, Ann re online store

• Change default to opt-in for email -- review decision with Ed

• "in Memberships" on join page -- to go away soon

• minimize reentry of information across join and purchase ... needs additional code to do

• currently unused info in second member field -- capture for now but don't add to ebase

• possibly add checkbox indicating what kind of phone # (day/night, home/work/mobile/other)

• move zip code after city/state (and turn off P.O. address check if needed)

• on Join page --

• move gender, birth year, occupation as optional fields in cart
• transform as gift page; change giftee to Recipient; clean up second recipient

• Invoices -- need date, tender type

• how to print on one page large enuff to see
• capture sequence of keystrokes to make "print today's invoices" more efficient.
• also "order processed" ... when entered in filemaker.
• A lot of complaints about invalid credit cards.
• Change so member is registered as soon as payment received, not when completed

• Member should be marked as such if they say they are members .... Trellon did not do -- get them to fix it.

• We need to clearly let people know they have to log in once before being registered -- both for register/join and shop. change message "Your password and further instructions have been sent to your email address."

• Need to be able to extract list of those who want to receive e-Walker

• Need way to search quicker to look up customers.

• In member record, need to disallow user changing member number and expiration date.

• Automating sequence of clicks ... can we do something to help?

• Look at iMacros for Firefox ... PurchaserListReport module, Ubercart Views

Current process ...

Print invoice once payment received, look up date in store, check verisign for tender type, enter into ebase, enter into quickbooks (purchases or pruchase+membership), mark completed in ubercart.