2009-04-22 Trellon phone call

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 - 8:00am - 9:15am
Conference call
Web Design
Ann, Walt, Alonza, Simon

Notes taken during call are in italics.


From: Ann Gruhn [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, April 20, 2009 9:27 PM
To: 'Alonza Robertson'
Cc: 'Walt Daniels'; Ed Goodell ([email protected]); 'Riche Zamor, Internet Strategist'; 'Simon Lindsay'
Subject: FW: Trellon 4/21/09 call


Alonza --

Here are the items for discussion on Tuesday morning's call:

Things to fix.

I believe these all relate to issues arising from the existing work orders.

1. Last week's updates are not on the nynjtc.org site -- the bugs still remain.

There is another problem that also is an incorrect implementation. If you click on gift membership and pick any membership type other than individual, when you add to the cart you are added as an individual membership, not what you selected. If you select a family one it does ask for the second name and record it in the cart.

There is one problem with the Register flow that Trellon implemented that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
On the Create User Account Start screen, when one answers "Yes" to the "Are you a member" question, that user should be given the Role "Member" at that point.

Trellon will cut and paste into site.

2. Shopping cart -- People who try to order the OCA map get error 29 when attempting a credit card charge.

There is newer version of Payflow package -- including fix for special characters in title. Walt has fixed problem with & (changed to and). Simon suggests backing up database first.

We also have some questions we hope Trellon can help us with:

  • We'd like to know how to pass arguments to views. Can you advise us?

Walt requests an example of somebody passing arguments to a view. Go HIking, Parks view, edit, ... pick & give args. Walt will send more specific scenario to Simon.

  • Walt needs an explanation from Trellon of the NYNJ_custom config page, and specifically, details about the USPS setup. We want to rearrange the input fields the user sees to a more natural order and need to know if there will be side effects.

Some Trellon ids in registration -- do we need to refresh? Unnatural order of zip code -- want to move it down. Should be ok as long as field names stay the same. Related issue: click to calculate shipping ... if don't click, get error and have to go back and info is lost. We have only one shipping method -- it should know what it is. Need to investigate if can lock value in. (Give us cost estimate to fix.) We don't have documentation on what registration process is or whether we need to do something further. Simon to find out.

  • From work order #3: We are still observing incorrect breadcrumbs. However, we don't really understand what to expect, especially when we land on a link that is linked to from multiple places, so I couldn't tell if some links were good or bad. Is it the path I navigated to get there? Or the shortest path from the root for that link? Or something else?

For example:
Click on Site User's Guide on left column ... get Home › Home › Left › Site User's Guide ... expect (what? Just Home ?)
Click on Community - Forums ... get Home › Forums ... expect (is this what we expect? It might be, per some of the Drupal breadcrumb discussions, even though it isn't the path I took to get there)
Click on Volunteer Now in left column ... get Home › Groups › Technology Committee › Volunteer Interest Form ... expect (what? Just Home?)

Breadcrumbs in Drupal 5 are known problem area ... new breadcrumb module gives list of links clicked before getting here. Simon to let Walt know which module and we'll try it to see if it fixes the issues.
"in Membership" appears at the top of the Join screen -- we don't want it there. Can you tell us how to suppress it?
Simon will look into this.

  • The Login screen is missing the Remember me checkbox. (I can't find the pdf we asked Trellon to implement, so I am not sure whether this is an oversight on our part or something that Trellon overlooked.)

probably interaction bet. what Drupal and Browser remember. Walt says to ignore this item for now.

  • Date module is not supported at its current version. Is there any reason not to upgrade to the later version?

Walt will try out on test site after refreshing it with newer version. Alonza recommends trying new modules on sandbox for all modules before putting on live site. Walt selectively does this based on module and nature of update.

  • uc_discounts on the web is newer than the Trellon patched one. Can we switch to the web version?

Version different from publicly supported one ... Simon will ask Martin. (Can we upgrade without the patches?)

  • We are not running jquery_update but need it to run lightbox2. I had tried to install it and it made messes so I backed it out. Is there something tricky about installing it properly? 
Copied Javascript into misc directory. However, results were strange. Walt will try once more on new test system.
  • Is there any reason not to update imageapi and imagecache to there current releases? 
  • Is there any reason not to update to uc_donation current release?

In general, Trellon advises we need test platform for trying stuff out before putting live. Including database.

We've also discussed ways to best use the remaining 10 hours of Trellon time.

I'd like your thoughts on doing the following:
1) for the security updates, set it up so Trellon informs us on a monthly basis which ones we should install; similarly, Walt could verify Trellon doesn't know of any problems with other updates we plan to install before we actually install them. I figure that may cost us up to an hour of Trellon time per month, no more -- does this seem reasonable? And is there a particular person with whom Walt should work?
Systems engineer at Trellon -- Mike Haggerty & Kevin draft letter for critical security updates. email to khemenway & copy Alonza. or create question in redmine forum.

2) for the remaining hours, we'd like to use the time as needed to have Trellon walk us through making some of the changes we want to make to the site. That way, we can learn how to do the theming or whatever it is ourselves as Trellon helps us implement a particular change . Again, who should we work with?

For example, we'd like to add more style choices in the TinyMCE editor so our content editors can create content with different looks. We need help in learning how to do this.

For example, can styles in CSS file appear as choices in TinyMCE?
Post one-off questions in the forums ... deal with Alonza for lists of questions. Team bills for time spent handling forum questions. Only Alonza's time is unbilled.

Community issues --

Things to add and what to do next ... discuss pros and cons of what we should install based on our clientele, then work with us to implement.

We look forward to talking with you Tuesday morning.