2009-08-31 Web Design status meeting

Monday, August 31, 2009 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Conference call
Web Design
Old Business:

1. Agenda modifications

2. Subteam status reports

* Office status (Josh)
• Store issues

* Google Analytics (Doug)

-- new volunteer?

* Business model (Ann/Ed)
• Update on CRM database project
• Interactions with office on Web-related issues: e.g., product pricing

* Content (Georgette)
-- Unwieldy search results for parks and hikes ... can we improve?
-- Should the default display when a park page is opened be the map instead of a photograph?

* Technology (Walt)
-- Procedure for Web site outages
-- Backup plan
-- Drupal 6
-- Store issues: Ubercart membership process

3. Set goals for next couple of weeks
* Walt's priorities
* Other high priority items

4. Specific action items requiring discussion.
See http://nynjtc.org/meeting/actions
Review outstanding actions from prior meeting minutes

New Business:

Meeting schedule:
Next meeting: office in two weeks?
Invite someone to next status meeting?

Parking lot (for later discussion):
Ed requests we discuss: Publication pages; Member org pages; Sponsor pages

1. Agenda modifications – No one called in other than Ann. Items postponed to next meeting.