2010-02-22 Web Design status call

Monday, February 22, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Conference call
Web Design
1. Special Topics:
This is a combined team call since there was no call last week. Next week's call is back to the normal schedule.

2A. Subteam status reports - first and third Mondays

* Office status (Josh)

* Google Analytics and Theming (Doug)

* Social Networking (Doug-acting)

* Content (Georgette)

* Business model (Ann)
- nothing special to report

2B. Technology status reports - second and fourth Mondays

-- Current site
-- Drupal 6 (Walt)
-- ebase
-- CRM (Walt -acting)

3. Set goals for next couple of weeks

4. Specific action items requiring discussion.
Review outstanding actions

Meeting schedule:
Next meeting: phone or office? (Subteam status call on 3/1)

Bill, Josh, Georgette, Walt
Status of Minutes: 

Short meeting.

Josh: Nothing new. Gary will send an order, #5045 , where the person failed to get member prices.

GW: ContentNot much new. It would be good to have someone who could train new content people. Transition to Facebook fan pages is going well. Most people have moved to the new site. Still some pictures left on old site (need to decide what to do about them if we drop group site).

Bill: The number of blocks is a problem on D6 (Drupal forum reports problems). Walt will dig deeper and see if there is a known fix or if we have to push for a fix (maybe pay someone to fix). Bill will look for similar issues with views (after meeting found the problem) and panels.

Walt: Announced that about to switch from tinyMCE to Wysiwyg module on D5 so it works on D6. Also will increase memory limit to hopefully fix some other issues. D6 clearly needs more memory.