2010-03-08 Web Design Technology status call

Monday, March 8, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Conference call
Web Design
See minutes below.
Ann, Walt, Josh

1. Special Topics:



2A. Subteam status reports - first and third Mondays


* Office status (Josh)

  • Question re Donate -- does it go though store like membership and other stuff. (Yes)
  • Punch list for appeal stuff for Regions -- Walt working on it.
    Two directed e-appeals in 2009 went well ... want to test effectiveness of electronic delivery.
  • Hire someone to help us with migration -- our list of what we can't figure out how to make work.

* Google Analytics and Theming (Doug)


* Social Networking (Doug-acting)

* Content (Georgette)


* Business model (Ann)


2B. Technology status reports - second and fourth Mondays


-- Current site

Requests for new functionality: view for Health & Safety, Donations by Region, Region page theming and other miscellaneous enhancements, These are impacting the D6 schedule.

Events appear on calendar but meetings do not -- they should. Walt is investigating.

-- Drupal 6 (Walt)

Walt to look for local Drupal expert to work with us on conversion issues and set up work session at the TC office.

-- ebase

-- CRM (Walt -acting)


3. Set goals for next couple of weeks


4. Specific action items requiring discussion.

Review outstanding actions


Meeting schedule:

Next meeting: phone or office?


Parking lot (for later discussion):