2010-06-10 Web Technology status call

Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
Conference call
Web Design
Review D6 status
Ann, Walt, Kipp, Bill


Drupal 6 status


Kipp still hasn't heard from a2hosting re ftp issue.
Live site files downloaded ok, but test site attempts have been unsuccessful. Their file manager not working from cpanel. With whole copy of test site on his development environment, Kipp feels he can help us more quickly. Module directory is the problem. Fails at Civicrm.

If not fixed with a2hosting in a couple of days, will set up a test Drupal 6 with Ubercart to work on that.

Ann suggests skipping Civicrm at this point and copy rest over. Rest of modules are straight Drupal except for patch to one module (for CSS compression patch).

Javascript error

Javascript error (from Firefox) -- Kipp's gotten it and Walt has gotten similar from Google Chrome "aw shucks" screen. Bill hasn't seen it.


How to display tab only if there exists data to show up. (e.g. for Sponsor, Photo and Map tabs) Need to check if null ... something isn't being checked. Bill will explore.

Miscellaneous things that need attention

Footer missing from bottom bar --

Minor cleanups (some resulted in Walt crashing the system). Footer now appearing on pages.

Kipp notes that development environment has snapshot feature. Take snapshot when error appears & it creates image of system at that point.

Bill -- plugging away on Ann's list of anomalies.
User login page needs theming work; tabs not appearing right yet.

Some hike and park list page theming not quite right yet.

Donate has missing theming. Kipp working on membership.

To create situation, set up new hike or park. No tabs should appear. Once add map, map tab should appear. Delete the map, tab should disappear.

Images missing from catalog page -- theming issue. (Walt looking at.)
Prices not appearing correctly. (Walt understands the problem. Even if fixed, D6 discount module has bug -- doesn't display discount (get zero)).

What has to be done before we have "usable" site.

Once go live, have to do touch-up on view conversions.
Do main Parks and Hikes views.
Kipp has friend who has looked at the site and given some feedback -- when pick a hike, would like to see how long the hike is. Michael Rosenberg. May be a good test user.

Have staff test particular areas (sign up for what you'd like to review).

Bill -- How is books catalog page generated? Walt answers -- in Trellon code that deals with image. Not done in a template, so code is hard to understand.

On D5, have 5 or 6 product classes. Conversion process converts all to one class. May need some touch-ups after conversion.