2010-06-28 Web Design Technology status call

Monday, June 28, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:15pm
Conference call
Web Design
General status and list of things still to do for D6.
Ann, Bill, Kipp


Changed catalog pages - do we like his approach?

Concern ... when we go "live", how can we make it a smooth transition?
Plan is to get together to lay out a plan.

Still to be done:

1) Display of tabs on D6 different from when first set up. Color doesn't change like it should. (Kipp: tabs on hikes and parks - Walt tried to reproduce on D6 and couldn't.)
2) Login screen not right
3) Discounts not being computed.
4) View fix-ups. Bill proposed mechanism to prepare them ahead (export them & import back after reload database). Try this out on next reload. Also new views for products and setting up Ubercart catalog. Use new volunteers to help with views.
5) Stress test ... Catskill Park page doesn't display right in Chrome / IE, ok in FF. Use different browsers.
6) Need to go thru existing views and filter out those to keep / merge.

Kipp: need code versioning system so team can track what was changed and by whom.
Recommends GITHUB and that we evaluate CiviCRM.
Ann noted that Walt should work with Kipp to set it up when he returns from vacation.

Can keep repository in the cloud; if private, there is a monthly fee (nominal - $25 to 50 a month).

In person sessions for training - how to use these repositories.

Kipp uploading an appliance to the server in a couple of days. With virtual box can replicate his development environment on other machines.