2010-08-04 call with Kipp re work orders

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 2:00pm - 3:15pm
Conference call
Web Design
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Ann, Kipp, Walt
Ann, Walt, Kipp

Work orders for Kipp

1. Source code control using GIT. Questions on how to set up repository and what to control?

Kipp recommends we copy everything over to the repository. It gives a true image of the working site.
Do all updates on own work area then sync with GIThub repository. When commit, the live server will be updated.

Can also sync with Drupal.org.

How do we record that we change config options for some module? (i.e. change is in database not in files) You have to log them elsewhere or put them in a SQL file. Alternative is to import and export entire database. Kipp doesn't have a fast answer. Logging may be the best solution.

Appliance ... notebook tool may be a good way to centralize configuration changes. text and links 2GB in the cloud. Can dedicate notebooks to entities like Ubercart config, Drupal config, etc. Everybody would have to have the same pw.

2. Discount issues

Discount module doesn't work. Discount doesn't appear in order, but it has been calculated.

Go Shopping/Books: Price field doesn't show discount Should be labelled Member Price and show member price. Code is probably in nynjcustom module.

Click on Add to cart .. shows discount

Click on Checkout .. no discount appears.

Kipp suggests may have incompatible versions of discount and checkout modules. He will look into it.
Walt suggests ... fix current module or try a different one to see if it works better. Currently using discount-alt.

3. Reports ... explained basic requirement. Ann to send Kipp written spec and follow up with call later.

4. Old work orders ... re login for anonymous users. Delete old stale users.

5. Address fields in workshop registration
SIgnup module doesn't capture info we need (full name, address, required phone #) ... but it is customizable. Need to fix it. Part of webform.

6. FedEx module
We have to enter weights and sizes for products. Walt will give info on how to create problem.
Send Kipp screen shot of error -- helpful.

Walt about to rebuild D6 (this afternoon into tomorrow morning).