2010-09-13 Web Design technology status call

Monday, September 13, 2010 - 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Conference call
Web Design

Early D R A F T 9/7 

1. Subteam status reports - Second and Forth Mondays - any urgent items? 

* Office status (Josh)

* Google Analytics and Theming (Doug)

* Social Networking (Doug-acting)

* Content (Georgette)

* Business model (Ann)

2. Review last meeting's minutes for action items

3. Technology status reports - second and fourth Mondays

-- Current site

Any outstanding issues?

-- Drupal 6 (Walt)

  • Source code control system (prereq for going live)
  • Progress since last call
  • What still needs doing
  • Kipp's work orders - status
  • Plan for final testing and migration, training and communications

-- ebase / CRM (Walt -acting)

4. Set goals for next couple of weeks

5. Meeting schedule: change time of calls? Is evening a better time for more participation?

Next meeting: phone or office?

6. Parking lot (for later discussion):

Kipp, Bill, Ken Malkin, Walt
Status of Minutes: 
  • Josh not available so he needs to be brought up to date.
  • Bill will be away from Sept 15-29 so the plan is to try to go live on Oct 5 or 6.
  • Bill will resave all the views before leaving
  • Kipp is working on the GIT solution and hopes to finish in a day or two
  • Kipp will make donation stuff his next priority
  • Kevin and Doug still need to supply info for donate and join pages
  • Walt will do one more rebuild from scratch before the go-live date just to practice and make sure there are no show stoppers in that path.
  • Staff is now checking the pages that they use regularly and reporting problems to Walt and Josh. Walt will fix these where easy or enlist Kipp if they are are harder.