ATCC October 3, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 9:30am - 12:00pm
Agenda for AT Coordinating Committee, October 3, 2012 meeting:
  1.  Review of the minutes of the last meeting, 2/08/2012; see copy at,-2012
  2. Status update of documents (broken record department): NY MOU, NJ MOU, Management Plan Consolidation
  3. MARPC Meeting (Harrisburg, PA 10/27/12) Items
    • Proposals and/or specific agenda items (awaiting info from MARPC, hope to have more info before our meeting)
    • 1-minute summary for each NY-NJ AT Committee (PLEASE PREPARE AND BRING TO --THIS-- MEETING!)--OR EMAIL in ADVANCE of THIS meeting to the group
    • Attendance plans (who's going, and how?)
    • Trails to Every Classroom (2013, future years)
  4. Mid-Atlantic Management-Related Items
    • Review/Update of AT Community designation for Town of Warwick (Gene)
    • Bear Mountain project status (Gail, staff)
    • Review/Update of Swamp River boardwalk opening (Jim)
    • Wallkill Bridge proposal status (Chris? Gene?)
    • Final Report status for extended LL Bean Grants
    • 2012 LL Bean Grants (did any materialize)?
    • 2013 LL Bean Grants to Clubs: any planned submissions? Schedule?
    • ATC e-Newsletter:
      • Submissions,
      • Send TC members invitation to opt in to the list
    • i. Pawling/Dover AT Community application exploratory meeting scheduled
  5. NY-NJ Issues/Items:
    • Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary AT Hike Update (Ron, others)
    • DWG PowerLine Lawsuit (Walt, others)
    • AT Hiker Shuttles
    • Water Sources (reporting, repairs, etc.)
    • ATC Leave No Trace poster plans, usage, etc.
    • Relocation(s) status
  6. Funding issues: 5-year plan updates: current project progress, possible new projects?
  7. Current problems, projects, & issues
  8. ATC/NPS Leadership Meeting August 10-12, 2012 Report (Attended by Gail Neffinger, Chris Connolly, Ed Goodell, and Ron Rosen)
  9. Schedule 2013 meeting dates
  10. Possible phone meeting with Karen Lutz (as was done last meeting).
Any other items?? If you have an item to add, email it to the group TODAY!
Ron Rosen (Chair), Ed Goodell, Bill Beeler, Gene Giordano, Jim Haggett, Walt Daniels, Gail Neffinger, Larry Wheelock, Jonathan Martin (and Karen Lutz by phone for part of the meeting.)
Status of Minutes: 
AT Coordinating Committee Meeting Minutes
Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 - 9:30am - 12:00pm
Location: Trail Conference Office
Ron Rosen (Chair), Ed Goodell, Bill Beeler, Gene Giordano, Jim Haggett, Walt Daniels,
Gail Neffinger, Larry Wheelock, Jonathan Martin (and Karen Lutz by phone for part of
the meeting.)
Status of Minutes: Draft Minutes:
NY-NJ Trail Conference – AT Coordination Committee
Minutes for October 3, 2012 meeting:
1. 1. Review of the minutes of the last meeting, 02/08/2012
Reviewed – no additions - approved
2. Status of documents: NY MOU, NJ MOU, Management Plan Consolidation
1. Ed explained that there are participants in the process who want a special
meeting of law enforcement agents to discuss their issues.
2. The issue workman’s compensation was discussed and it was agreed that
it will probably not be a serious obstacle. The issue has been raised at the
State agency level due to a recent volunteer fatality in the Finger Lakes
3. Larry indicated that Bob Proudman has made a new draft and it’s being
reviewed by folks at the DEC and OPRHP. Bob wants a face to face
meeting with the major stake holders. Larry agreed to contact Bob
Proudman to let him know that we would like to get this signed as soon as
possible and if he’d like to set up a meeting date and indicate an agenda
then we’d push it to happen.
1. Gene indicated that the NJ agency partners have reviewed the current
MOU and are ready to submit their changes.
2. Larry agreed to locate the Wallkill River NWR submissions from Libby
Herland (2002?) and get them to Gene and Jon Martin for review and
addition if pertinent.
3. Gene and Jon will then send a first draft to Bob Proudman.
Management Plans:
Work on the plans will not proceed until the MOU for NY is done. Ron and Gail
will work on the NY Plan and NJ will follow that as appropriate.
3. MARPC Meeting (October 27th in Harrisburg, PA)
Proposals and/or specific agenda items (awaiting info from MARPC,
hope to have more info before our meeting)
Request for a discussion re ATC website. Considered not useful – needs work.
Access by volunteers is buried too deeply. Search tool has not function in quite a long
One minute Summaries for meeting.
It’s suggested that some display material be prepared to present with the
Attending: Ron, Walt, Jim, Possibly Jon and Gail.
Trail To Every Classroom;
Ask what funding is going to be available. How many slots will be
available? Gene indicates that he has interest in all three levels of participation in both
the Greenwood Lake Middle School and Warwick Valley High School. Other
communities which might be interested are Monroe, NY Highland Falls NY. Later Karen
indicated that about ½ the funds needed are going to be available. She would like to see
the project go “deeper” within a district rather than “broader”. She thinks there will be
enough funds to accommodate 3 positions for the Trail Conference.
It was also mentioned that a group TTEC alumni will be doing work with
the ATC Mid-Atlantic Trail Crew on Bear Mountain the weekend of the 6th and 7th..
4. Mid-Atlantic Management-Related Items
A. Warwick Community Day update. Gene indicated that there had been subsequent
planning meetings but no definite plans have been made. He went on to indicate
that the Ferneau house site is still being mitigated. The oil tank had leaked and
polluted the soil. He is also planning with Gail for a kiosk at that site and after
some discussion it was suggested that the design being used in the West Milford
signage project (Main St. Design) would be good for the site. This would be a
possible LL Bean Grant project
B. Bear Mountain Project. Ed indicated that the lower E. face work is now complete
down and through Demonstration Trail area. He gave a brief description of what
and how the interpretive area content will be completed. The work being done
now, planning and Gateway construction is covered by a grant which also covered
the Demonstration Trail. The grant for the Upper East Face work remains stalled
do to the NYS “Prevailing Wage” requirements. The Park has asked the State to
grant the award to the Trail Conference so the project can be used as a training
program allowing us to avoid the wage issue. Currently the grant for the Suffern/
Bear Mtn and Maj Welch trails repair is being used for a training program.
C. Swamp River Boardwalk. Jim reported that the opening resulted in much positive
feedback. The old boardwalk materials are being disposed of at ATC expense.
D. Wallkill River Bridge. Karen indicates that the EA is being planned. She wants to
see this project start up as soon as the Bear Mountain project is complete.
E. LL Bean Grants final report status. Grant reports due. See “F”
F. 2012 LL Bean Grants status. AT Puncheon done, 2010 DP map and brochure
done with $199 left in the account. Agreed to have more printed with the
remaining money. Repair to a DP privy is complete and needs a final report.
Pochuck Mountain and Mashipacong privies completed and need final reports.
G. LL Bean project proposals for 2013: Kiosk for the Furneau site in OR/AT region;
Puncheon at the route 403 crossing near route 9 in the DP/AT region; Brinks
Road shelter replacement in NJ/AT area; Monitoring blaze vests for all monitors
H. ATC Mid-Atlantic E-News Letter: Request from the ATC to distribute an invite
to our “lists”. Our committee agreed that a quid-pro-quo is needed here with an
opportunity for the Trail Conference to have a similar invite to our E-news letter
distributed to ATC members in this region. It was suggested that if we do extend
the invite it be done through our E-News letter and other TC media. It was also
suggested that we ask the PACT how they’ve chosen to handle this.
I. Pawling/Dover AT Community initiative: An exploratory meeting is being held
on Oct 10 at 6PM
J. AT Natural Heritage Monitoring program: Ed updated on the renewed initiative.
The Trail Conference participation is under the management of Linda Rohleder
and had it’s first training session on Sept. 29th.
5 NY-NJ Issues/Items:
A. Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary Hikes. Ron will contact organizers to a get access
to the spread sheet listing all the hike leaders for future reference.
B. Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area – Susquehanna/Roseland power
line issue: Walt provided an update on the lawsuit which has been brought against
the NPS for allowing the line expansion and the Trail Conference’s decision to
join that lawsuit. As of this meeting time the TC Board had not yet had a final
vote of a quorum and planned another vote by phone on the 9th. (Subsequently,
that vote was held with a 12 for joining and 2 against decision). Some against
were concerned with the costs which might be incurred. Karen commented that
the ATC’s Board decided to join based on a “no net loss” policy. Karen asked the
Trail Conference to comment at the upcoming MARPC meeting and Walt agreed
to provide that update.
C. AT Shuttle issue: Due to an ongoing request from outside the region for help with
shuttles along the AT it was decided to set up a shuttle program with a volunteer
manager and recruited shuttle drivers. Ron will coordinate with the E-News letter
to put out a call for these.
D. Water Source Issues: Jim H. detailed some of the well problems in the DP region.
He explained that it is difficult to find anyone who has the experience and skill to
repair a dysfunctional well. All are asked to keep well and water updates up-to-
E. Leave No Trace: signage at lean-tos may require permits. A poster is planned and
brochures are available.
F. AT Relocations. AT appears to becoming a bit more flexible in regards to
allowing local AT managers bring in local resources when environmental and
archeological assessments are required. It was suggested that honorariums might
be offered to qualified volunteer assessors/appraisers.
6 Funding Issues:
A. Updates of the 5 Year Planning spread sheet need to be sent to Bob Sickley.
B. Pick up updated spread sheet at the MARPC meeting if they’re available.
C. Spread sheet should include the replacement of timbers on the Pochuck
D. Karen indicated that AT funding “looks grim”.
7 Additional Items:
A. Open space maintenance; Question is asked if there is anyone willing to help
ATC find the funding for keeping open space. An inventory of prioritized open
space areas needs to be made. Ron agreed to coordinate this effort.
B. Next meeting dates: MARPC meetings – March 2, 2013, October 26, 2013, NY-
NJTC meetings – February 13, 2013, October 9, 2013