Volunteer Committee Meeting 03-13-2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

1.    The minutes were approved by all attending members.
2.    Volunteer Handbook Revisions:
a.    The majority of the conversation was based around the insurance chart revisions to be included in the volunteer handout.  Each square was discussed and final revisions will be prepared for the next meeting.  The chart proved to be a large task, but very valuable for the volunteers and our leadership.  
3.    Volunteer Recognition:
a.    Jane discussed the importance of volunteer recognition.  National volunteer week is approaching in April and the committee would like to prepare a letter for all volunteer leadership to send to their volunteers.  Jane offered to work on the National Volunteer Week project and keep the committee informed on what type of support would be helpful.
b.    Katy introduced other volunteer recognition projects which would also be of benefit to our volunteers.  The Volunteer Center of Bergen County has a volunteer recognition event to give recognition to the area volunteers.  
c.    Decided that this committee, and possibly one member of the committee, should be dedicated to recognition of our volunteers.  
4.    Membership:
a.    In response to the new volunteer membership requirement, where crew members are no-longer required to have membership with the Trail Conference, Katy mentioned the new volunteer processing problem this presents.  To now have separate volunteer requirements for varying projects, it is causing a back log.  An all or nothing policy would allow the office processing easier.  
b.    More time will be devoted to this issue at the next meeting, along with a change to future agenda items.  Staff issues should always be presented first to provide the most support to the Volunteer Coordinator.
5.    Business Cards
a.    Business Cards for volunteers were discussed and it was decided that volunteers who have a leadership position at the Trail Conference should be offered business cards for their work.  These cards should be visually the same to staff cards.
b.    Jane offered to create a business card policy for further discussion at our April Meeting.
6.    Youth Policy:
a.    Youth policy will be similar to the ATC youth policy.  This will be our next major discussion.  A decision was made to not work with youth at the BM camp until we have a clear policy.
7.    Next meeting: April 24th @ 1:00 pm