D7 Plannng

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 10:00am - 12:00pm
Conference call
Web Design
Bill, Georgette, Walt
  Attached is the D7 project to-do list with updates resulting from this morning’s meeting.       Here are additional notes:   1. Bill asked that we define the scope of the project. Just move current site to D7 with current design? Refresh design as part of changes? Make it mobile friendly? (Walt notes this would require using a different theme and new design). Include CRM?               GW noted previous input from Josh that CRM is being explored separately and that web upgrade is to happen first, but to anticipate eventual CRM integration. He noted that single biggest failing of current site—lack of coordination of member/purchase info for discount purposes, will continue until CRM is integrated.   2. Walt noted that he has created a D7 site that uses most of our current modules, uses default theming, and has no content. Bill can use to test theming, import/conversion of data. After it looks ok, time to switch themes to see how it looks in mobile, then get Doug involved (current site is designed with fixed-width; mobile requires flexible width)   3. Flash items cannot be accommodated on mobile, so they need to be deleted or upgraded (Doug to do); these include panel page headers, slide show elements, interactive map (which also needs other updates)   4. Bill reports that his examination of transition from Ubercart to Ecommerce indicates that it will NOT be easy. He and Walt say all product info will have to be re-input manually. He asked if there is a way to do it just once (test-live). Walt noted that shipping info on D6 is still not fixed and is a hold-up. Walt noted that he “is scared” about the import/conversion of order info.   5. Bill asked that the group develop a plan for going live   6. Bill asked that a test plan be developed
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