May - Monthly Publications Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 21, 2009 - 6:30pm - 9:00pm



May 21, 2009


1.  Approval of minutes of April meeting


2.  Important discussion items:


          a.  Problems with new website

          b.  Expenditures on publications in light of "economic downturn"

          c.  Sponsorships of maps (Daniel Chazin)

          d.  Sale by Trail Conference of new publications (Daniel Chazin):

                   i.  Hiking New Jersey by Paul DeCoste and Ronald Dupont

                   ii.  Hiking the Road to Ruins by David A. Steinberg

                   iii.  AMC's Day Hikes in the Catskills and Hudson Valley by Peter Kick

          e.  Marketing initiatives (Gary Willick)

          f.  North Face litigation (Daniel Chazin)

          g.  East Hudson brochures (Daniel Chazin)

          h.  Publications manual (Suse Bell)


3.  Books:                                                              


          a.  Walkable Westchester (Ruth Rosenthal/Jane Daniels)

          b.  Harriman Trails (Bill Myles' book) (Daniel Chazin)

          c.  Long Path Guide (Daniel Chazin/Herb Chong)

          d.  "Hike of the Week" book (Daniel Chazin)

          e.  Circuit Hikes in Harriman book (Don Weise)


4.  Maps:


          a.  Kittatinny maps (Jeremy Apgar)

          b.  North Jersey maps (John Mack)

          c.  Hudson Palisades maps (John Jurasek)

          d.  Catskill maps (George Dagis)

          e.  West Hudson maps (Daniel Chazin)

          f.  "Central Jersey" maps (southern map of North Jersey set) (Craig Nunn)

          g.  Highlands Trail maps (Jeremy Apgar)


5.  Date of Next Meeting