Public input of hikes on TC website

Monday, April 12, 2010 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Web Design
Web Content
1) Goals for having hike pages
  • Attract visitors to site
  • Public service
  • Maybe earn money if we find a way to charge for some content
  • What else?
2) Review of other sites
3) Content of hike pages (independent of who produces them)
  • Good name for hike (hints on how to name)
  • Teaser - why do  this hike
  • Written description of hike - need a spec sheet of required content and detail level and a style sheet
  • Map of hike - open for discussion of what must be on map
  • Features
  • Optional history, flora/fauna, geology, etc.
  • At least one picture - possible picture gallery, even a short movie
  • Elevation profile
  • Public transportation
  • Driving directions as a Google map with its directions.(current method for parks - no need for written version)
  • What else?
4) General features of all hikes
  • Rate hike
  • Review hike
  • Comment on hike
  • Mark as duplicate
  • Keep record of having done hike
  • What else?
5) Possible scenarios for hike submitters (assumes some general oversight by web committee)
  • Only Daniel and a few trained submitters
  • Anyone but moderated until quality proven
  • Anyone but post-moderated for accuracy, style, completeness, etc.
  • Anyone - no control but can only create and edit own hikes
  • Anyone can edit any (wiki)
  • Something else?
6) Hike checkers (needed if we use any form of moderation)
  • Rely on online reports on hikes
    • Need monitors to apply fixes
    • Deal with duplicates
    • Let users figure out the truth from the online comments
  • Separate corps of checkers with sufficient permissions to fix hikes
7) Site disclaimers
8) Submission guidelines document
9) Technical considerations
10) Cost considerations
11) Rewards for submitters
Walt Daniels    
Ed, Phil, Georgette, Walt, Ken, Dan, Ann

Ann's notes from meeting to discuss opening up Hikes database

Current (closed) hikes database

- Shortage of hikes in certain areas. (So. Jersey, L.I., Taconics)
+ Hikes well written, good hikes, well vetted.
+ Bergen county centric.
+ "Trail conference sanctioned

Second tier

Distinguish hikes that are not sanctioned.
But represent in same list?

Ed's pro/con list on flip chart
Ed would like turn by turn list of actions along the hike.

Teaser : why you should do this hike.
Descriptive hike
Map view

Ed to Dan -- are you, with others in Pubs committee, willing to review submissions?

Walt - Pubs committee has no bandwidth to take on.

Is Phil willing to review submissions? Yes for South Jersey.

Dan "open up to submissions from So Jersey and L.I. as a starter?"

Ed - how do we sustain this?

Georgette -- this is a Comunications function.

Should be a moderated database. Must be done timely.

To do: recruit hike submitters for So. Jersey and L.I.
Fill in other gaps too. Provide basic format to follow with
form to fill in and return via email.

Ed: could do directed email to subset of member database

Walt: Need to provide mechanism for getting maps on th site.

How to do? Jeremy's scheme with Google maps. GPS track to Google map.
KML maps --
Ann: engage Stefanie (set up call with Walt and her).

Phil - post notice in parks requesting hike submissions