Standards Committee March 30, 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015 - 7:30pm - 9:00pm

First meeting 

Get organized.

Walt, John, Bob, ChrisR, ChrisC, Erik, Kevin, Ama
Status of Minutes: 

Next meeting is May 4th at 6pm

Meeting after that is June 4th at 4pm

(Ama will reserve the new board room for both of these dates and times)


John and Bob will be continuing to reach out to New Jersey representatives to join the committee


Walt will share with us the link on our website for Trail Resources – Please add to this and update as much as possible before May 4th so we can have a full bibliography of resources


We decided to start with design standards.


The questions that will form our design standards/guidelines are the following:

Can the trail follow ABA Standards

How much volume will the trail receive (heavy, moderate, light)

Type of use (walk, hike, bike, horse, mulituse, special event use, ski, access route, experience level of user)

Purpose (destination, connectivity, commuter, historic)

Character of existing trails in area

Character of area landscape

Land Manager expectations/requirements

Resources Available (money, volunteer labor, etc)


From these we will come up with our parameters for trail design standards, which will be discussed at our next meeting.


After design standards are finalized, the committee will move on to construction standards

That should be everything – let me know if I missed anything.




Comment: Please be relevant, civil, non-commercial.

NY DEC Standards

The NY DEC cites "standards" in their "Region 7 Recreation Master Plan."   On page 19 they state: "7. Failure to construct trail(s) on the State Forest to Department standards will result in the closure of the trail(s)."   The NY DEC standards are on pages 121-23 of the 309 page Master Plan PDF: (linked from  

The p19 reference is in a

The p19 reference is in a subsection dealing with commercial use. I see no indication that it applies in general. The standards on p121-123 do not state that they are DEC in general, only region 7. It would be more useful to find a reference to DEC standards for all regions.