Volunteer Comittee Meeting August 4, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011 - 1:00pm - 3:30pm

New York / New Jersey Trail Conference                               

Volunteer Committee

Thursday, August 4, 2011

1:00 PM




1.         Awards

                        Vests, Pins, BB caps


2.         Annual Awards – finalize nominees

3.         Youth policy               Letter to recipients

                                                Background checks

4.         Review draft of Volunteer survey   -   Jeremy


5.         Volunteer Handbook Revision


6.         Volunteer Outreach Program

Dan Van Engle, Estelle Anderson, Robert Jonas, Ken Malkin - Guests: Chris Connolly, Peter Heckler, Melissa Bean, Jeremy Apgar
Status of Minutes: 

Volunteer Committee        August 4, 2011

A very short minutes since much discussion was about the annual award nominees and decisions about the awardees.   That will be in a separate list to all.  


EA:  Recognition Awards:  we have sent out 537 lapel pins to our volunteers.  Still need to check crew members and office volunteers.   Thanks to Bob Jonas and Joan, office volunteer in getting these ready for mailing and to Joanne Reinhardt for her help with post office procedures and mailing.


Melissa:  Talk about Youth Policy required background check that is required by TC insurance company.  Cost is $10 per person and will be paid for by TC. 

The requirement for background check will be added to Youth Policy and to Volunteer Handbook.  


Chris will clarify more details with Josh.


Chris:  Anyone working with any youth whatever, for any project whether a TC project or not, will require a background check.


Volunteer Handbook discussion of revisions with Ken Malkin.  Final adaption postponed until our next meeting.   Chris will check the insurance chart with Josh for any changes.  


Jeremy Apgar:  Volunteer Survey – brought us a revised and shortened version which all reviewed.  This survey is ready to go. Jeremy will give us the results once it’s published and responses are received.


Next meeting Oct. 6th Thurs at 1 p.m. 




Estelle Anderson

August 11, 2011