Volunteer Committee Meeeting 4/14/2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 1:00pm - 3:30pm

1.     Awards

a.      Recognition:   Current progress:  pins, vests and bandanas

b.     Accompanying letter

c.      Annual awards:  Nominations for next year

d.    ? Recognition of individuals belonging to member clubs


2.     Youth policy

a.      How to notify/distribute

Forms in order?

3.     Review draft of Volunteer survey   -   Jeremy

4.     Verizon Volunteers  -  Bob

a.      ? Ad hoc and roving maintainers and crew

5.     Objectives  statistics  -  Catherine

6.     Workshops

Members Present: Dan Van Engel, Catherine Gemmell, Bob Jonas, Estelle Anderson, Chris Connolly, Ken Malkin. Guests: Pete Heckler, Georgette Weir, Jeremy Apgar; Ed Goodell
Status of Minutes: 

Discussion of recognition awards which are planned for volunteers that are individual volunteers, rather than club volunteers.  It is expected that the clubs will recognize those who maintain for the club.

RJ:   suggested a certificate of appreciation be sent to clubs whose members volunteer on our trails.

This year, instead of T-shirts we will be giving our volunteers a Trail Conference baseball cap.

CC:  Youth Policy has been approved by the Board, and is on the website under Volunteer Resources.  We need to email the link to Chairs, Crew Chiefs, Corridor Managers, etc.   (all trail people)   and mail to the those who don’t use email.  DVE to prepare a cover letter.

CC:  Who needs background check?  C.Ingui will be the first, Bob &  Estelle will both need to do this as well as Jane Daniels.  Chris Ingui will be first to determine exactly what insurance company will require.

DVE:  There is a grant for Eddie Walsh to propose a workshop curriculum.  We will review Eddie’s proposal that can help us understand and work with workshops.

CC:  In our committee objectives, suggests we add a sub-item.  Measure our vacancy rate by trail chairs, supervisors and crew chiefs in addition to trail maintenance vacancies.

Jeremy Apgar:  regarding volunteer survey.  First page is the most important as answers there determines how survey will proceed and lead to other paths.

CG:  Survey should be directed to past volunteers as well to get their feedback.

GW:  there is a survey for next Trail Walker and will be on website created by Development and Membership.

KM:   as a result, feels we should hold our survey for a while until this other survey is complete.

EG:  disagrees, this survey is for volunteer satisfaction and should be done as it is going only to volunteers.

Discussion by all of our survey to reduce the number of questions and streamline it significantly.    Should be a survey of volunteer motivations and a measure of overall satisfaction.    This survey should be done annually.

EG:  Workshops:  biggest change is trail construction and repair. Due to the age of trails, more trail use, and erosion by time and weather.  Not enough trail crews to keep up with trail conditions.  Consideration of how to develop more crews.

No overseer over all crews to develop standards.  Standards will vary for different areas but there is need for a basic set of standards.

E. Walsh is to interview volunteers and staff to come up with a curriculum to offer workshops for trail building and repairs.

DVE:  we would review Eddie's proposal for a workshop curriculum.

RJ:  Suggest using Ramapo College – Eddie to conduct a credit course for students to teach new people (younger)..

EG:  At Ramapo College, try to start a school sanctioned club to assist with trail maintenance and trail construction – perhaps an environmental club.

Our next meeting is June 2, 2011 at 1 p.m.

Estelle Anderson