Volunteer Committee Meeting 05-29-2008

Thursday, May 29, 2008 - 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

1.    The minutes were approved by all attending members.
2.    Volunteer Handbook:
a.    The final version of the volunteer handbook will need to be completed before the next board meeting in June.  In order to be prepared for the board meeting the following was agreed to be completed before we meet again.
i.    Katy will email the updated volunteer chart to Mary Ann to merge into the field.  The final column should now read general and any other changes for Chris will be approved.
ii.    Youth policy will be presented seperatly from the Volunteer Handbook.  A youth policy statement should be added to the handbook before the sexual harrassement section.
iii.    Dan will email Bob Boysen bringing the discussion to the agenda at the June Board Meeting.
iv.    Injury section to be added by Mary Ann noting after an injury the next business day the injured party much contact the regional rep or volunteer coordinator and leave a message at the minimum.
3.    Youth Policy:
a.    Committee needs to create the proper applications to work in a youth program.  The missing documents are (Katy to research TC forms or create):
i.    Application to work with youth
ii.    Assumtion of risk form
iii.    Incident report
iv.    Suspected Abuse or Neglect Report
b.    Katy agreed to send the draft to Matt Townsend to compare the policy on Bear Mountain.  He will be invited to the next meeting to hopefully be a part of the upcoming discussion.
4.    Recognition:
a.    Jane brought to the committee a research project to plan for the upcoming Plan and Budget session to accurately predict what a new recognition program would cost.  
b.    A review of all current recognition programs was outlined.  The suggestion of recognizing our 5 year and 25 year volunteers was offered.
c.    Research of costs of goods, time to implement, and who will administer is to start before the next meeting.  
d.    We would like to add a committee member in charge of recognition.  Katy will invite Estelle Anderson to the committee.
i.    Each member selected goody items to research and price.  
5.    Next meeting: June 26th @ 1:00 pm