Volunteer Committee Meeting 1/14/10

Thursday, January 14, 2010 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Status of Minutes: 

January 14, 2010

Minutes – Volunteer Committee

Dan Van Engel, Chair; Robert Jonas; Catherine Gemmell; Jane Daniels; Estelle Anderson

Volunteer Recognition Discussion:
1.    Award in recognition of longevity at retirement, or exceptional service.  Suggestions:  Distinguished Service Award.  

Jane commented there should be no nominations for this; it would be done at the discretion of Trail Chair and Trail Supervisor. Approval would not be required from the Volunteer Committee.  The Chair or Supervisor would obtain certificate from the Office (from Catherine) and would present to the recipient.   This person should be noted and sent to Trail Walker for publication. 

This will be brought up at Trails Council to get a name for this award and also to get approval. 

2.    Recognition by outside agencies.
NJDEP sends request annually as does NJ Parks & Trails.   We will note the dates on our calendar and solicit nominations early.  The requests come in December; we will solicit for names in September (?)

3.    Trail Conference Awards:  The Committee is responsible for seeking nominations for the various awards given at the Annual Meeting.   We will have this in the Trail Walker for the May/June issue.  Estelle will send this to Georgette.   Also, requesting an email box for our purposes.  (Josh has to do) 

Youth Policy: 
1.    Manny Silberberg asked to share this Policy with ADK – Dan will send to him. 
2.    Ollie Simpson – questioned parental permission slips.  If the organization leading the event has a permission slip and it if the information is inclusive of what we need, then we do not need to also have a Trail Conference form. 
3.    Our form will be used only if we have direct operation control. 
4.    We must inform Scout/group leaders that their form must include:
a.    Parental signature
b.    Allergy and/or medical conditions
c.    Permission to treat for medical problem.

5.    Estelle will make revisions as already received; this will be for Committee 
use only.   

Satisfaction Survey: 

Jane Daniels:   Has received an outside comment (complaint) that Trail Conference has turned away from volunteers.  We should state in this survey, that we are continuing to focus on our volunteers as we recognize their importance to the TC.     Example given:  A supervisor who has stepped down had complaints and comments and we could use these for our survey.   Who is going to talk to that Supervisor to get more detail? 

Had some discussion about Dan’s and Bob’s version, but we need to have Mitch Kahn attend to get this ready for survey monkey.  Expecting him to attend in Feb.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting Feb 11, 2010 at 1 p.m.

By Estelle Anderson
Revised 1/20/10   comments under satisfaction survey