Volunteer Committee Meeting December 1, 2011

Thursday, December 1, 2011 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Dan Van Engel, Melissa Bean, Bob Jonas, Estelle Anderson, Chris Connolly, Ed Goodell, Pete Heckler, Georgette Weir, Chris Ingui, Larry Wheelock, Jeff Senterman, Jeremy Apgar
Status of Minutes: 
1.  Volunteer Handbook:   Include mission statement.  Chris C to check with vision niche, etc. comments as well as insurance portion.  Crew leaders should submit names of works and chainsaw crew so we enter them in database and we are aware of who is working.  J   MB:   Youth policy – Back ground checks:               Forms: discussion of YP application – program request.  Should eliminate the application form, use release page only and background check form.  Will add a button in Ebase for background checks: Yes / No   RJ:  chairs should inform their supervisors regarding youth policy background check requirement.  MB and EA will work on this.   Jeremy Apgar with Volunteer Satisfaction Survey:   Gave us preliminary survey results; Dan asked him for a better breakout by percentage of satisfied or not.  Need region as ell if he can provide.  This will be on agenda for next meeting to discuss “improvement” areas.    Suggested to use results and an article for next Trail Worker.    Insurance for Club Maintainers:              If the club maintainer is not assigned to a specific trail section, must suggest they do a Work Trip From with Roster of all attending the work trip.  This will allow us to put these people into our system, for recognition and for insurance.   MB and EA will work on this.    Ed G:  Trail University Revision   Ed will propose to BOD to put this into the budget, to provide better training, to lead to more crews, and more skilled people.   Training curriculum will expand in future; suggests standing committees to review courses and curriculum on an annual basis, and make changes as needed.    NEXT MEETING JAN. 12, 2012, 1 P.M.      By: Estelle Anderson